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image thumb90 Facebook Launches Location Features, New iPhone App, Check in And Partners With Gowalla, Yelp And FourSquare

We had been hearing about the Facebook event and the coming of Places to the social network. The event is live at the moment and you can watch it right here.

The event started off late and it has already got over 5,000 people watching. The announcements are pretty much and in all honesty they look appealing. Some of the key announcement and products to come:

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image thumb17 The Censorship Stronger In China As FourSquare Got Blocked Over Tiananmen Anniversary

While back in Pakistan, I was busy with the Cyclone threat from Phet that had been building up, China found itself blocking yet another website. This time it is the ever growing Foursquare and the reason for the block is Tiananmen Square.

The ban was initiated on June 4 as the the country was set to celebrate the 21st anniversary of the event when 3,000 protesters, which included students were massacred by the Chinese government. According to the law in the communist state, it is forbidden to discuss about the incident in the country and the Internet is to obey the same rules. The censoring of the site is not a new one, given that even Google obeyed the country’s law and kept search results in strict compliance to the government. Even access to Twitter was blocked last year for the same reasons.

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image thumb30 While Facebook Prepares For Its Own Location Features, Foursquare Rushes Past 40 Million Check Mark

Location based networking or to put it more correctly – social networking is getting quite a grip. We have Gowalla and Foursquare hitting on numbers and expanding quite speedily but that is just going to last long enough till Facebook goes full throttle with its Check Ins. Something the social network has already started off with last week and McDonald’s is already trying to get a grip of it.

While that’s another story, Foursquare has crossed the 40 Million check-in mark some time last week. That is quite an exceptional jump given that is has around 24 Million or so check ins a month back. With that number going beyond 40 Million, the location based network is growing at almost a double rate. Now I don’t want to undermine Foursquare growing so much with a quality service, but the people in the team are well aware how easily can they be taken over by Facebook if it goes ahead with its location based features [something it will definitely].

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