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image thumb49 Infographic: LinkedIn And The Road To IPODid we miss out on reporting about LinkedIn making it big in connection to its IPO?  We didn’t, hectic and to be honest I was bamboozled reading how crazily it registered a $92.99 per share at the New York Stock Exchange. Has it really happened?

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image thumb26 Facebook Shares Priced At $28.26 Per Share Bring Facebook Valuation To $70 Billion

The largest social network, Facebook found its mojo last year with a mammoth growth, in userbase, revenue and all the way out of the Web to Hollywood with a movie; The Social Network. Today reports of its shares and further valuation are all across the Web.

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image thumb29 Google Registers 23% Revenue Growth In Q3 Earnings, Looks Set For A Stronger Q4

Google just released its financial earnings for the third quarter and the results are remarkable. The earning have jumped up by over 23 percent to around $7.3 Billion with the net income rising to $2.2 Billion. The quarter to quarter growth stood at 7% with the share price climbing to $7.4.

From the financial summary, the Q3 shows strong gains over what the revenue was in the same quarter in 2009. The net income grew from $1.64 Billion in 2009 to $2.17 Billion in the current. The primary source of revenue demographically was the US where Google registered close to 50% of its total revenue, amassing $3,517 million compared to $2,929 Million from the rest of the world, excluding the United Kingdom where it generated $840 Million.

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image thumb133 A Decade Of Google Acquisitions   Infographic

A picture speaks a thousand words. Someone rightly said so because reading a history of acquisitions is a huge pain. Especially when the period is almost a decade and you are talking about Google. I would personally never bother to read the entire history, which is why the illustration is always welcome.

Just to clear out, the infograph also includes investments made by Google in other firms. So if you see Zynga and AOL at the top also watch for the asterisk ‘* which states that these firms have received investments from the search giant.

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image thumb24 And Facebook Buys 18 Patents Of Friendster – So The Domination Keeps Getting Absolute?

I was talking about Facebook spending big bucks in my analysis yesterday to expand its business and reach, primarily owing to the high level of advertiser trust the social network has garnered in the last year. Today VentureBeat’s reports make that concrete as the social network acquired patents of Friendster.

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image thumb42 Facebook Serving 50 Billion Plus Ads A Month But Still Not A Revenue PowerHouse

Talk about growth, a very rapid one: the social network, Facebook has served more ads on its platform than any other website that exists today. According to the latest report, the social network published a mammoth 176.3 billion banner ads and that is just for the first quarter of 2010. That averages to more than 50 billion per month.

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CropperCapture22 thumb Will You Pay To Use Facebook? Never Mind Facebook Is Not Yet Putting a Price Tag

What would be your reaction if you log in to your Facebook account and pops out a window saying that you need to pay? I will say a few curse words and bid adieu to the social network for good. Or perhaps rally in with the like minded who already have guerilla groups against the move.

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image thumb122 Another Blow To MySpace As 2010 Will Bring More Ad Revenues For Facebook

MySpace is the story of yesteryears and it appears its not just the popularity that the once leading social network has lost but revenues suffer the same. The killer? Facebook obviously.The latest report puts it quite clearly that in the year to come Facebook will very easily surpass the ad revenues of its rivals in 2010.

Shock, yet another one for MySpace that is desperate to figure out a way to retain some dignity. The numbers count that Facebook will have a substantial $600 Million worth of spending from the marketers compared to $385 Million for MySpace. That’s just a over half of what Facebook is munching next year. That isn’t much surprising to me nor it should be for anyone reading this. Facebook’s traffic and user base has Sky Rocketed in the last four months to a mammoth 350 Million user mark which continues to grow at the same rate. MySpace on the other hand has no where been in news save for newer strategies been sought to boost the use of the social network.

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image thumb28 $80 is what is spent on Apps by iPhone users

Now the Apps at the App Store are doing great and iPhone users are really spending cash to get all those useful apps there. A recent survey conducted on 1,200 users that use AppsFire service and its results were interesting. Perhaps putting the significance of the financial value of the App Store as each user spent about $80 per device. Now if this is an average spending from an iPhone, iPod users, one can only guess what’s the App Store making in total cash value, more than $400,000,000 in cash for Apple. Wow, no doubt the developers are using every bit of their talent put innovation out there. And if it’s quality you are giving, I bet people wont mind spending $1.56 on average.

image thumb149 Blockbuster in desperate need of cash, sells Xtra vision for $45 Million

If you are out of cash and doing very poor business, what’s one thing you will do? Most probably lookout for items/property to sell and pocket some cash. This is exactly what Blockbuster is up to, the firm has sold Xtra-vision for $45 Million in order to bring home some cash, which is much needed to stay in competition. Xtra-vision is a chain of around 200 retail locations in Ireland and the sell off quite rightly means that Blockbuster is more interested focusing its business in the U.S instead of scrambling all across the globe. Sounds good enough but will this really work for them in the long run? I guess Blockbuster has to move ahead of its rental by  mail service and adopt a more competitive dynamics to remain profitable.