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2010 is gone and it has been quite an eventful year for our Blog and myself in particular. Before I go any further I would like to thank all our readers and followers on numerous social networking sites for helping us grow strong year on year. I think if I am to continue writing in this manner it wont really make much sense.

I would like to first admit one thing that Startup Meme has kept its content varying to cater to varying needs of our readers. Many have complained about this variation in content time and again, but I bet those of you who have been with us from Day 1 know that we started with a team of writers initially before there was a split and it all came down to me as being the only writer here. The pressure to keep the pace ticking, technology news coming regularly and as varied as it was in the initial days has made me write on anything I find interesting at a given moment. Of course it is impossible to cover all the news on the Web or making way into my Twitter stream or emails, something I have tried my best to perform at but it adds more pressure.

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