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image thumb53 The ‘Bar’: Why Use Other Services When Facebook Will Have Them All (Eventually)

Facebook Bar is coming soon, most probably with the release of new features and the dreaded privacy settings. This Bar will not be a mobile van serving drinks, but is a simple toolbar that will be found at the bottom of partner websites. Reminds of the Meebo bar and something similar to what StumbleUpon offers too.

The tool bar will be placed at the bottom of the sites and will offer numerous features for visitors like Like, share comment, etc. Those are just the tip of the ice berg and we might very well have more features like the chat option, etc. There isn’t much detail available as yet but all these moves just show how the social network is trying to have its presence felt in almost every manner. They have got their users who will very soon have their data being accessed by third party apps, even ones you would never really plan to use. To make it worse, thee same sites would also be able to access your friends list and your activity to provide you with an experience that suits you better.

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CropperCapture26 thumb Facebook Makes It Easier To Swallow The Apps with Games And Apps Dashboard

Facebook is all set to release the Dashboards for its games and apps. The new dashboard would ease the task of users for interacting with their applications right from their homepage and benefit the developers to ensure that any updates you sent are relevant and interesting ensuring maximum engagement. I personally think this is an intermediate step before notifications for all apps make way to users via their emails given that present the dashboard will only show a maximum of two apps as plain text fields. Those might sound like a subtle changes but a few major alterations will be discussed briefly here.

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CropperCapture15 thumb Facebook Continues To Walk The Road To Twitterfication

And it keeps happening; the integration of Twitter like features into Facebook as the social network today introduced a function similar to Twitter’s ReTweet. With the new feature that is currently in test mode, Facebook will automatically acknowledge the the source of the article, relieving you of the task. The option is presently available on the stories you share and I bet it will soon be default on whatever you share on the social network.

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image thumb86 Ibrii The Virtual Notebook for all links launches new features

I remember covering Ibrii at Startup Meme back in June this year and it very  much impressed me. The site provides you with an online shelving of all your favorite content on the Web from Web pages to your favorite videos on YouTube. Today the service announced a 100 new features to facilitate its users and make their use of the service more efficient. Well if I try and be considerate enough to talk about the entire 100 features, I might well be writing about it for a couple of days, therefore I will only mention a few of those:

image thumb17 ReTweets peek out on Twitter .. Only to a lucky few

Twitter is making its interface more active and bringing the features the third party desktop applications offer to its page. We have seen the filtering  of followers with the List feature and today it tested the retweet with a few users. We have been noticing this for quite some time which is pretty good, given that it earlier relied solely on third party apps/developers to keep an eye if a tweet has already made it to a stream. With this feature, it will show the original tweet plus have the retweets appear under it as roots.

image thumb14 Twitter getting better by the day, launches Notifications to keep users more engaged

When do you know that your service is the best? When users are actively engaged with it, something that’s quite a drawback with Twitter and many other services. Lately the micromessaging service has been making some efforts to make it more interactive with the launch of List feature and widget, etc. Today however it made another important move with the release of Notifications, though it is only available to a limited number of users at present. What it does is simply notify users when ever there is a new tweet in the line by indicating it just above the tweet list. Of course with the notification right there, users will be more active and might just be triggered to see what the new tweet is about and spent a few extra minutes on the site. Good work, I say Twitter is making itself better by the day.

image thumb16 Hide Labels to make Gmail look less crowded on netbooks

Google has got a new feature for Gmail to make things neater. The feature; Remove Labels from Subjects hides the labels associated to the emails you receive, something which always managed to make your inbox look over crowded. I bet those with larger screens won’t mind having those, but things change a lot when you are using a smaller screen or more ironic, a netbook. You can turn this feature on from settings beneath the Labs tab.