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image thumb28 What’s The Top Paid App For Windows Phone 7? Farting Dino!

It’s only been days when Microsoft announced the release of its anticipated Windows Phone 7 platform for mobile devices and we already have some apps doing great. Well the top app in the list is quite a surprise as I always had a perception of Windows Phone users to be tasteful. Wrong I was as their sense of smell is far superior and one that needs continuous feed. I am talking about the Fart Apps that surprisingly top the Paid Apps on the Windows Phone 7 app store.

I guess it’s something to do with every smartphone after starting off with their advent on the iPhone and the App Store. And just like they were download like hot commodities, the fart apps have won download hits from Windows Phone 7 users. And here’s a bigger surprise; People are actually paying for one, the Farting Dino. Wow, I mean I too downloaded a couple of those on my HTC Desire on Android but those were for free and had a short span. But paying? There’s got to be something great about this.

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