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image thumb1 5 Wikipedia Donation Fails You Can’t Miss

We must promote the availability of knowledge for free. Far and wide and to as many people out there as possible. And when it comes to information, Wikipedia is the best source for all this (though I believe quite a lot of information was written by people who had no one to listen to their whining). What we do love about Wikipedia is when they have poor Jimmy Wales right on top of every article appealing for donations for Wikipedia, just to keep the knowledge hub running.

We are sharing some of the most WTF Donate For Wikipedia Moments and would love to have our readers share the same with us. Have you ever performed a search on Wikipedia for an odd word or personality and found Jimmy Wales picture right above that odd name or word? Feel free to share links! In the meantime enjoy ours!

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If you thought the word had little reasons for you to LOL, you need to think again. All you need to do is trust your iPhone Autocorrect or any other autocorrect on any other phone and send messages that are everything but sane. We thought about putting up a list of top iPhone Autocorrect Fails in this post to share with our readers. The purpose, to start the new week on a lighter note and warn you to not trust Autocorrect.

STD For Halloween

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Funniest iPhone Autocorrect Fails!

Fail Funniest iPhone Autocorrect Fails!Enough of serious stuff and talking about how tos and all. I guess this blog has been missing some funny stuff alike. Tech has its own fails and the worst happens when you use the autocorrect feature on your mobile devices. With great advancements in the current smartphones and the immense speed of getting tasks they provide, they help committing laughable mistakes.

Therefore we have today the top iPhone autocorrect fails that have ever been come across.

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image thumb36 Is Facebook Down Or Something: Static Links On The Home Page

Celebrating the crossing of the 500 Million user mark, it appears that the social network is having some issues. Perhaps it is readying to introduce something new, I say so for I have been unable to access my Facebook profile for almost half an hour now. I have no idea why is this happening but its saddening.

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image thumb112 Big Names FAIL Big: Google Takes The Fail Tradition To Calendars [After Gmail]

I love Google and the countless services it provides us. I mean it would be impossible for me to easily collaborate with my team back at work if it weren’t for Google but! Why does it keep backing out at one time or the other?

The latest in news is Google Calendar that has been down for several hours on the trot. The reason? Well no one is aware of it and so are we. According to App Status Dashboard the problem is with service disruption and it isn’t an outage, call it stubbornness and Google’s unwillingness to accept that it has bigger problems handling such a massive user base it caters to by providing services on the cloud.

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image thumb91 Facebook Blocks Me From Searching. Is Anyone Else Experiencing This On Facebook? [#wtf, #facebook, #fail]

This is insane, seriously. First, Facebook has been acting weird for the last two days and while it has been functional it has been dead slow. Which translates simply into the fact that I haven’t been very active using the site for quite some time.

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image thumb88 Another Day Another Fail: Facebook Inaccessible [#facebook, #fail] Update

Is this just me or the whole world is experiencing the same issues with Facebook? It all started last night with a countless users complaining about the social network taking a massive hit and acting weird, I was lucky as I faced no issues as such. But that was yesterday and I continue to face the same as well.

I just noticed that the Fan page badge at Startup Meme wasn’t loading and that I was unable to share content on my profile too. I might have taken it to be my connection speed but its working fine and I can browse as usual. Can anyone share what’s actually causing this issue? Feel free to give valuable, sensible or the wildest explanation.

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image thumb55 Facebook Fail: Stop Whining About Your Job Or Get Fired!

I am sure there have been ample warnings that you have read about when it comes to whining about your Job and especially the Boss on your Facebook profile. That too when you have him or her already in your contact list. I am not sure why do people would do so? Cry and whine about their jobs on social networks, making a mockery of themselves and to make it worse the boss replies you there and then stating that you are fired. I guess the images above speaks volumes about that and a sufficient warning to all those employees who cant help but complain about work on Facebook.

Do you happen to have any more interesting Facebook Fails? Please do share with us so that we share it with our readers and spread the word across.

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image thumb68 AT&T Facebook Drama: Security Flaw Taken Care For

The Web or more importantly the social networks that you are so profoundly the members of aren’t all that secure after all, even Facebook. Not that Facebook would sell your information or misuse the rights with secret super password that some of its employees might have. Earlier yesterday CNET reported that a glitch in AT&T causes users to login into someone else’s accounts using their credentials. Bong! And there went all your data, in the most secure platform, or one that claims to be.

The issue wasn’t with Facebook as already said, but with AT&T when users logged in with their credits to the social network on their mobiles. The problem was with handling request of accounts accessibility from the carrier to Facebook. The carrier has quite swiftly fixed the issue and also taken measures in connection with Facebook to prevent any such future occurrences. The first of these being disabling subscriber identification for automatic logon. Michael Coe, AT&T spokesman also highlighted the case of the wrong login and said that it was quite rare for this to happen.

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