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When was the last time you heard your mom scream at you yelling Facebook is a waste of time or living your life on Twitter is the last thing a sane person would do? I bet almost always and if that is so, she is an exception. Using social media is becoming a norm, even for the saner, older group as they prefer calling themselves.

Well that’s changing as the new Facebook user is your elder citizen. That includes your mom, aunt and even grandma. That’s exactly what we have to share with the infograph, interestingly 14,775,620 seniors of the 133,925,380 users in the US alone. I guess I would just leave you to go through the graph to get a better picture.

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image thumb16 Facebook Bolsters Its Search, Could This Be Hard For Google To Digest?

Google isn’t the only one trying to put a challenge to Facebook by bringing in its own social network, Google.Me. Facebook has taken up the challenge and while it isn’t launching it’s standalone search engine, the social network today gave a huge boost to its search. Gulp, that would be a tough one to swallow for the search engine.

The social network began showing most liked stories as preference in search. The feature works quite simply, enter a news item in the search box on Facebook and it would recommend you links to offsite news that have been shared most often by your friends and others. I am unsure how this exactly works but based on what I observed it simply works on the amount of shares a particular link has. So a higher number of likes or shares particular page has the higher priority is given to it in recommendation.

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image thumb13 Stalking Encouraged By Facebook With The New “Subscribe To” Feature

Facebook is trying everything to ensure you have all the features found across every social network on its platform. Even if they are stupid and absolutely pointless. The feature subjected here is the subscribe to a user, which the social network has started to test across some users.

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image thumb137 Photo Album Maker Giveaway Worth $50 On Facebook: Download Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory For Free [Limited Time Offer Starting August 27]

Who doesn’t want to get their hands on Free items? I guess everyone, especially if it’s a software that is being away for no cost. I am talking about the Wondershare’s Flash Gallery Factory Standard being given away for free, with the offer starting from August 27 and ending on August 30. The best part? Well after this period the software would cost you a lot, $49.95. This offer is specifically held on the Wondershare Facebook page where they will be giving it away for free.

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image thumb132 Facebook To Make Chat Better, Kills Support For IE6 [Hurray!]

I haven’t used the Facebook Chat feature for God knows how long. Primarily because I found it absolutely garbage and secondly it was distracting. However the social network today has announced revamping the Chat feature on the social network; making it faster and more stable. Hope that it lives up to the promises.

But what makes the new more important is the fact that the social network has today officially killed support for Microsoft’s old war horse, the Internet Explorer 6. I am not sure if anything more sinister ever existed on or for the Web, but it is slowly being killed. With Facebook, this goes off on September 15, giving every user who might possibly be using the browser a chance to upgrade to a newer version. By the way I wonder how many folks still use the version?

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image thumb128 Facebook Blocks Ads About Pot Legalization Campaign, You Still Can’t Block Zuckerberg Though

I hate it when decisions and actions are partial and biased. When you would allow one thing and pay no attention to another, when you block one thing and let the other run rampant. Today the social network showed the world that it operates at its own will by removing the entire campaign and impressions of Just Say Now.

The group has over 6,000 members on the fan page, generated over 38 million impressions in a short between August 7 to August 16. The reason? The campaign was about pot legalization in California and had the image of a pot leaf. The image of the leaf is associated directly to smoking and drugs and after a week of being there on Facebook was removed owing to it violating the social network’s policies.

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image thumb126 Facebook Fan Page Tabs To See Makeover This Week: Narrower Tabs, Better Navigation

With plans to update the look of the fan pages on Facebook being ancient now, the social network has finally decided to implement the plans for real. Starting today, we will be able to see a simplified version of our pages making it easier to Browse. How? Apparently Facebook will be refining the Page Tabs by narrowing them down to 520 pixels compared to the previous 760 pixels.

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image thumb120 Mark Zuckerberg: You Can’t Block Me On Facebook!! WTF?@#@!

Hell with anyone who talks about having freedom on the Internet to do what you like, block or unblock content or users. We are well aware how Facebook has reportedly played with User privacy and guess what, it has another dirty trick. The CEO, Mark Zuckerberg is one person on the planet who you can’t block on Facebook. Forget it if he is ever interested in adding anyone, put aside bothering with notifications or spammy messages.

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image thumb116 Jailbroken iPhones Get a Fix For Login Issues With Facebook App v3.2.2

Facebook only recently introduced Facebook Places, partnering with all major players in the location based social networking arena like Gowalla, Foursquare, etc. They also released the new Facebook App [version 3.1.1] for the iPhone loaded with Places, but I guess it has been buggy. Yesterday Robert Scoble talked about the new feature from Facebook; Tag anywhere. Which actually had him tagged on places where he had never been, added with login issues.

Today, however the social network released version 3.2.2 for the application with fixes for the login issues. The new version is available on the App Store with the Update button on your iPhone. Other than, owing to the huge number of complains and requests from users, Facebook has also specifically mentioned that the app is only available for the users in the US. Though if you are outside the US you will still see the tab, but hitting it would only display a message stating it’s not available in your region [Non-US].

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image thumb105 Infographic: The Business Behind Facebook

There is nothing better than having a picture doing all the explanation. The image below gives a pretty good summary of the Facebook story and is quite similar to the one we shared earlier this week.

I must admit, I had no clue on the number of servers Facebook has, but 60,000 is quite a lot. Of course it’s dwarfed by the 450,000 servers that Google has. But lets not get into comparison and see the picture:

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