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image thumb1 Create Facebook Pages At Ease With Hy.ly–Startup SundayIf you don’t have a Facebook presence, you don’t have much say the wise experts. Err, sorry that was my own but I am sure it’s quite a solid need for any firm out there. And when we talk about organizations, groups or institutions, a Facebook Page is more important to get the word out and share whatever is it that you do. Be it your blog on latest fashion, trends or a service, a Facebook page speaks a thousands words. Am I mixing sayings for my own purpose?

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Music on Facebook facebook music drum kit ShopTab Facebook Set To Launch Its Own Music Service In September

We might be in for a kick and a shake as the largest social network, aka Facebook is set to make waves with what could be its very own Music Service. Improvements, improvements all the way and Facebook for sure is speeding up to be the most dominant force on the Web.

The reports come in from CNBC that predict the date for the launch of the Service on September 22, this is the same time when the social network will also be hosting the f8 Developers conference. The reports have been in round for quite a long time, beginning with what could have been Facebook’s partnership with leading music streaming service, Spotify. Apparently that didn’t happen, but we had sniffed the interest of Facebook in the same and it was only a matter of time before it would materialize into something real.

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image thumb11 Facebook Messenger For Android Arrives To Kill SMS.. Well Maybe In Time

Goodbye SMS, BlackBerry Messenger and everything else as Facebook launches its Facebook Messenger [download]. That is exactly what the hype is all around though I doubt this messenger ousting any of the existing instant messaging apps on a mobile device. Had it been that way, many other apps would have already got  a better chance to oust these mobile applications.

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image thumb5 Facebook And Other Social Networks Can Take Advantage Of Location For Better Friend Suggestions, Says Cambridge Research

If you are a regular visitor to an art gallery or for instance a library there is a high probability that you will end up being friends with a couple of people there if not all. The reason is pretty simple; common interests and the fact places such as these are more likely to have people connected compared to those like the parks, shopping malls or stadiums. Social networking sites come with a similar purpose; to connect friends, friends of friends and based on common interests. But researchers at the Cambridge’s Computer Library are putting forward another idea; connecting people based on places they visit.

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image thumb2 Facebook Tag Suggestions Goes Global, Sort Of…

We had been anticipating a global launch of the Facebook Tag Suggestion feature for quite some time, given that it had been sporadically available to a handful of its users already. The feature simply helps ease the task of tagging friends in pictures. This is done simply matching the existing tagged photos in your albums or those of your friends to detect faces and suggest tags.

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image thumb32 Facebook And PR Propaganda Against Google–You Get Desperate When You See Competition

In what I consider to be the ugliest of maneuvers in social media, Facebook seems to have gone beyond all my imaginations. It will be an understatement to say it exceeds expectations of anyone online or offline. Its very political, very dirty and utterly lame to get your PR firm gaming in on the propagation of anti Google sentiments.

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WOT LOGO Facebook Partners With WOT– For A More Secure Social Networking Experience

The Web Of Trust (WOT), the world’s leading crowd sourced reputation rating service with its global community reporting over 5 million sites reported of being malicious and untrustworthy, has gained a massive popularity over time.  It’s community is comprised of over 20 million people who have rated 30 million plus sites to date. The idea to protect users from such sites is a must need but the job is impossible to be undertaken by a few individuals, especially for the fact the Web continues to grow exponentially. We have social networks like Twitter and Facebook where loads of links are shared, countless applications requesting to access your personal information and the tragedy is they all prove to be havens for scammers and malware. Call it lack of awareness, but this grows for one reason or another.trans Facebook Partners With WOT– For A More Secure Social Networking Experience

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image thumb1 Osama Bin Laden Dead At Last, Barrack Obama Confirms, Social Networks Go Crazy

So Osama Bin Laden is dead? That’s the worst news you can hear early in the morning, that too in the country you are a citizen of. I am not a political analyst nor is this a political or anti-terrorist blog but what makes it worth its mention is that the whole is crazily taking over the Social Networks. Read More »

PosterMyWall is an online custom poster and collage maker service that makes it easy to create and print artistic custom posters from a web browser. Users can choose from a variety of professionally designed poster backgrounds to get started, or they can upload their own.  PosterMyWall allows users to add photos from Facebook, Flickr, or their computer. The powerful, browser based poster designer provides users unlimited creative freedom by allowing them to layout their photos and captions on a poster any way they want. Graphical effects such as shadows, glows, borders, faded edges, bevel, and many more can be easily applied to photos and captions on a poster.

image thumb19 Create Your Own Collage And Posters With PosterMyWall  Startup

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If you happen to be like me hating the newly introduced Photo Album Viewer from Facebook you are here for the right thing. I am not what exactly prompted mark Zuckerberg to come up with such a stupid design. Has no aesthetics, is almost impossible to grasp how exactly does this new bit helps, etcetera. But you can get rid of it. Read More »