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image thumb37 I Deleted My Facebook Account.. 14 Days And It’s Still Active: Is There No Simpler Answer for “How To Delete Your Account?”

It’s complicated, it’s really complicated, err impossible is a better word to define it. I have talked about the confusion and complications associated to Facebook and another one jumps out. This one in particular is about the answer to the question how do I delete my Facebook account? The answer now is, you can’t if you have a lot of third party sites linking in with your Facebook profile. Proof? Jason Calacanis’ facebook profile is the answer.

I remember reading that the man who had been creating a brouhaha about quitting Facebook and who actually did deactivate his profile, waiting for the 14 day period for Facebook to actually delete his account. The account not only remains on Facebook, it was pretty active as well. No it wasn’t a privacy breach but simply a fact that his YouTube stream and activity on other Facebook connected sites continued to be posted to his profile on the social networking site. Now isn’t it the web I was talking about and Facebook being the spider that doesn’t want you to leave it. Jason Calacanis is an example and a proof solid enough for you to rethink your stance on the social network.

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image thumb36 Zynga Brings Another Ville After Farmville: The Wild West Frontierville

Zynga has made it big with its Farmville madness on Facebook. Involving Russians with their heavy investments in the social gaming company, as well as users who have flocked in to waste countless hours making it worth $4 billion. I guess everyone has played a part in making it what it is and whatever was left, Steve Jobs participated further by announcing its legendary Farmville to the iPhone at the WWDC. The latest news is Frontierville, the Farmville reincarnation with the touch of the Wild West.

It’s not that the game is an imitation alone. The game has been modified, albeit the game play being so familiar to the regular Farmville farmers. For example you can now have control over the other avatars and increase the populous, maintain a reputation to gain more popularity amongst your users.

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image thumb16 Mark Zuckerberg And The Facebook Insignia…. Innocence, Cult Or Illuminati For Real?

That is Mark Zuckerberg’s new insignia, something he had been hiding under that hood of his and tell me if it reminds you of anything or bears resemblance to? Illuminati? Well I don’t see much of a difference and honestly it would give Facebook haters and those who are against the cult a chance to create a brouhaha about.

Of course there are other explanations to it and the best possible one is that it explains the latest development in Facebook, especially after the f8 conference. It fully explains Facebook’s strategy of bringing the entire online community around Facebook as it opens up the social networking site to others, even going beyond to leaking user data [for any reason] to advertizing networks like Google and Yahoo.

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image thumb12 6 Essential Facebook WordPress Plugins A Blogger Can’t Miss

I will be surprised if a blogger comes up and says he simply hates the idea of connecting his blog to Facebook. Maybe the blogger might have his or her own reasons to hate, but having Facebook plugins helps the readers at least. I mean you wont mind sharing this article with the FShare or the Like button at the top on your Facebook profile, would you? What if they weren’t available? I bet many would leave a comment complaining about the unavailability of sharing features.

Startup Meme is a WordPress blog so the following plugins are going to be really helpful to you if you are a WordPress blogger as well. I would however request that you make sure that your blog is running the latest version of WordPress.

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image thumb11 People Do Matter To Facebook: Social Network Launches Official Privacy Settings Page

Seeing the discontented reaction of the people with its ever confusing privacy settings and that they were actually searching Google on how to delete or deactivate their accounts Facebook gave it’s privacy settings a makeover and simplified those. How many of you found them simplified enough? Well that’s another story, but just a tip, the social network now has an official Facebook and Privacy Page. Like it or not.

Users were left surprised and shocked out of their wits when news broke forth that Facebook, MySpace and other social networks were leaking user data to advertising networks. That surprise was fueled by anger when a few instant messaged from Zuckerberg revealed that he thought users were stupid for trusting him and the network with their information. It has taken a lot of time for the management, especially its CEO and founder to realize and admit the privacy flaws. To cut the long tale short, Facebook is gearing up  to portray a more user friendly image of itself for its valued users and now providing them a central page to communicate in connection to privacy settings.

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image thumb10 Facebook Brings US Politics To The Social Network With A Fan Page

No matter how determined I am to not write on Facebook, something just pops up which has to be shared. The social network has launched a dedicated Politics Page for United States, which you can access here.

The page was launched in a bid to monitor how the US Officials are utilizing the social networking site to build better connections with people. I bet the connections are going to be pretty tough to handle given that you can’t really control the crowds on the social network if they decide to break free on criticizing any action of the government. I am not surprised seeing this inclination of the US governments towards Facebook, given the fact that the President Barrack Obama had actively used these social networking sites for his presidential campaign, his page has over 8 million fans to date.

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image thumb8 Facebook Has Its First CTO And He Is FriendFeed’s Co Founder Bret Taylor

Looks like FriendFeed is set to get more of its influence on Facebook as the social networking site promoted FriendFeed founder, Bret Taylor to the position of its CTO. We had reported the acquisition of FriendFeed by Facebook for $50 Million back in 2009. Bret has been the man who has tried to make it simpler to Facebook anyone, not sure how many have actually benefitted though.

If I be not wrong, I had stated that the social network is adopting more and more from FriendFeed. It’s evident, I mean ever since the acquisition, we have seen more FriendFeed like features, for example the Like button, share, comments, etc. In fact the reworked Facebook has a lot coming in from Bret’s brainchild. Given that there is a lot of influence of FriendFeed on Facebook, Bret has rightly been given the long vacant CTO position, where he will be able to more easily bring in FF ideas and further improve the Facebook platform. In email from Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook CEO defines Bret’s role as follows:

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So how many of you left Facebook on May 31? The day was called Quit Facebook Day by many who think that the social networking site has just lost it with safeguarding user privacy while in Pakistan many celebrated the Day of Deliverance. While not many would have deleted their profiles, for the obvious reason that you can’t delete your accounts but at least SeanieMic put up a parody titled, I Quit You, Facebook.

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image thumb Facebook Malware Feeding On Clickjacking – A New Day And A New Malicious Attack

Facebook was finally accessible yesterday after the lifting of the ban on the social networking site in Pakistan on May 31. And guess what, nothing changes with news associated to the network, privacy issues, people talking about quitting Facebook and the ever popular malware. The latest is the Clickjacking worm and a lot of people have fallen prey to it, as always.

The good news is that there has been no theft of user data reported so far. It is simply posts links on user profiles with senseless messages to get them clicking or liking the posts which then spread virally. If you do click on the link it takes to you to a blank page which asks you to click here to continue. The page however is clickable anywhere and once you do click on the page it simply posts the link to your profile as a status update. I guess hat that is pretty simple to understand, given that implementing the like functionality on third party sites has been made really simple by Facebook.

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image thumb89 Facebook Thinks That The Future Of The Social Network Lies In ‘Questions’

Looks like there has been quite a lot in connection to developing something on Facebook that keeps users more engaged while we were facing the Ban on the social network by the government of Pakistan. The latest attempts is to get users build the future of Facebook, with Questions. Pretty inquisitive.

The app is in beta testing and Facebook is looking forward to some great questions being posted by the testers along with the answers to each. The questions of course have can be on anything that you are interested in and can provide the best answers. Of course here your writing skills and expertise will count a lot and since you are one of the few beta testers out there, chances are you can get a chance to be featured to the millions of Facebook users by creating the best beta application and more importantly a chance to win a trip to Facebook headquarters in California. Quite an offer to leverage upon and get many people make it go viral.

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