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CropperCapture24 thumb Ribbon Hero Makes Learning Office Suite Easier And More Accessible With Facebook Connect

Here is another Facebook Connect enabled website on the Web and its another biggy: Microsoft. The software giant is easing connectivity for users for Ribbon Hero, its add on for Windows Vista and Windows 7. The add on is for Office 2010 and 2007 with an idea to make learning the Office tools like Word, PowerPoint and Excel fun and more interactive.

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CropperCapture14 thumb MySpace Gives Up Its Fight With Facebook! Implements Facebook Connect

There goes the bail on MySpace. Obviously the once leading social network has given up any and every idea of competing with Facebook in the social networking scene and decided to work with it. Not entirely but in certain manner as MySpace loosened up to implement Facebook Connect. This means the obvious that you can now login to MySpace using your Facebook ID.

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