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image thumb113 Top 10 Twitter Extensions For Google ChromeI have been suing using Firefox for well, over two years with the Google Chrome being my secondary one. The only problem that kept me away initially was the lack of extension support but that changed thanks to all the development lately.

I will be using this post to highlight the top Twitter extensions for the Google Chrome browser, getting used to them myself before I can actually make a shift to making Chrome my preference. I have kept the list short, just a disclaimer before our respectful readers complain of having left many others. Read More »

image thumb54 Chrome To Phone From Google Lets You Push Websites From Desktop To Your Android Phones

Ever felt that there should be an easy for you to shift the websites you most often visit on your desktop to be readily available on your phone? Well Google today released Chrome to Phone for all phones running the Android [version 2.2 only].

This tool enables you to easily push websites you are visiting on your Chrome browser directly to your mobile device. This had been created by Dave Burke and it is quite simple to use. You can enable this by clicking a mobile icon on your browser and porting the sites to your phone. This can be done for any web page you visit. While all this sounds quite simple to come from Google, pushing forward websites isn’t the only thing it does. Chrome to Phone also does the same with directions and phone numbers.

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image thumb50 More Facebook Extensions For Google Chrome

If you remember that I had earlier discussed three useful Chrome extensions that made using Facebook in the browser easy. Well those were just three of them and there are loads that I will further discuss. At present I have three more which I will share with our readers, especially those who use Chrome for everything

The list follows and I hope you all like them.

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We have talked about Facebook Plugins for the Firefox quite a bit at Startup Meme. Today I will be sharing with our readers a few plugins for Google’s browser, Chrome. I haven’t been using Chrome much for my browsing purposes and had it not been the slow experience on Firefox I wouldn’t have really attempted Chrome. I came across a few interesting plugins, won’t call them super awesome but they would greatly help those who like tweaking their Facebook profile a bit.

Beautify Facebook

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image thumb32 Bring Your Facebook To Gmail. Yes Right Where The Buzz Is!

I can bet many people out there would be envious of the fact that Google just rolled out its Google Buzz bringing all its services under one name. Especially the coming of social aspects to Gmail. However the users of Facebook need not to envy it anymore as there is a new integration available for them to bring their Facebook messages to Gmail. You can download the extension here.

CropperCapture58 thumb Bring Your Facebook To Gmail. Yes Right Where The Buzz Is!

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image thumb31 Why I Should Use Chrome? Because Google Has Extensions For It!

Too much news about Google and the improvements and new features its bringing out. We have got Goggles for Android devices, Real Time Search and only recently we talked about Chrome coming to Macs. While each news was important, Chrome for Mac wasn’t very interesting for me; primarily because I don’t use the machine and secondly I am more interested in features of Chrome for Windows.

That changes as the extensions for Chrome for Windows will now be available for all and not just to the elite developers. While there were almost half a dozen plugins already but so much of it was left undesired. This would change things quite a lot, primarily the share Chrome has in the browser market. Though I am no authority to speak on behalf of all the Chrome users, but a few that I did get to talk about complained about Chrome not having extensions which was the only reason why they never used Chrome and preferred Firefox over it.

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image thumb49 TidyRead; a Firefox extension that shows only text on any page

If you don’t enjoy all the clutter while you read an article on your favorite blog and pray there was a tool that could only show content, then try TidyRead. It’s a pretty useful Firefox extension that does exactly that and removes everything from the webpage showing the text alone. Plus it lets you customize it the way you would like to read the text by letting you select various combinations of text and hyperlink colors, to font sizes and styles.