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image thumb48 Google Loses David Fischer To Facebook

Facebook is definitely getting attention from important people elsewhere in the industry. By that I mean from Google. The social network got hold of Google’s VP of Global Online Sales and Operations, David Fischer and he will be taking position as the VP of Advertising and Global Operations, a sign big enough to prove that the social network has loads of opportunities to grow and folks see it.

In a statement rolled out by Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg, the hiring of David as an executive on Facebook board testifies the social network’s expansion. While that sounds all impressive on Facebook’s terms, David will bring along with him an abundance of experience from Google along with Sales expertise, something which Facebook is looking forward to as it continues to expand and is in dire needs of an effective marketing strategy to monetize its influence.

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image thumb26 Yahoo minus one on another Executive as Patrick Barry leaves

Looks there are quite a few reports on execs and board members leaving their current positions. The current move has been made by Patrick Barry who heads Connected TV of Yahoo . The news has been confirmed by Barry himself, who wants to pursue newer opportunities outside Yahoo, meaning that Yahoo definitely doesn’t  have much to offer or lets be a bit more easy, the opportunities outside are way better than that in Yahoo.

MySpace thumb MySpace hires Mark Rosenbaum as its CFO

New people continue to come joining MySpace team as the social network continues its managerial reforms. The new entrant amongst the execs is Mark Rosenbaum who takes charge as the social network’s first Chief Financial Officer. Mark previously provided advise on business and financial management to MGM apart from other key positions at Gemstar and tvguide.com. I just hope all these additions prove worth it and MySpace is able to progress further instead of remaining stagnant or worse falling even further behind Facebook.

image thumb83 Yahoo continues being peeled off as two more execs depart

While everyone else continues to prosper, Yahoo continues losing its key execs. Today it waved goodbye to its VP of consumer Platforms Group, Satish Menon. Satish plans to use his years of experience for the good of online education industry. The other departure was of Scott Guthrie, Yahoo’s EVP of publishing who has resigned from his designation to pursue another opportunity. It barely surprises one, especially after the planned re-org after Bartz took charge as Yahoo’s CEO. One can only wish the once blooming company best of luck as it continues to decay and rediscover its past position of glory.