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image thumb18 Apple’s Data Centers Aren’t Green Says Greenpeace

As much as Apple wins all the press coverage with praise, etc it is essential that some people show its ugly side. Greenpeace release a technology report titled How Dirty Is You Data? Apple is placed last in the list of companies mentioned in the report. Something to slice Apple with. Read More »

image thumb110 Create Your Virtual Business Cards With Qubrit!

Visiting cards are absolutely essential but cutting down trees to make paper for cards isn’t very friendly to the environment. Why not have something friendlier for the same purpose? Why not Qubrit?

The startup lets you create business cards, a virtual card holder and one that is friendlier to the environment. You can create your own professional looking card with all essential details like telephone numbers, emails, links to your profiles on numerous social networks like Facebook, Twitter, to web pages, including your blog and to the instant messaging services you use like Skype and Gtalk. Signing up isn’t a problem, quite easy and purposeful.

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image thumb17 The Dalai Lama Uses His Influence On Facebook To Help Protect Environment

The social network Facebook has been of use to many for almost every purpose. Be it political or merely for amassing people around for a cause. The social network at present has been utilized by the Dalai Lama to get the word across about the deteriorating environment. There wasn’t much different to the tone and the message he put out compared to what he said almost 25 years back in 1986. Why no change to that? Perhaps he is aware that nothing has changed since then.

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CropperCapture67 thumb Facebook Can’t Think Green!

Talk about Green Coal. Sounds ridiculing but that is what Facebook thinks about its data center using coal to generate power for it in Oregon, US. I wonder what would make them environment friendly with all the black smoke coming out to run the servers for the social network.

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