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There were reports of the PwnageTool Bundle being released last week to be tested out within the developer community. It had some issues reported and didn’t work at large for many out there. However the PwnageTool Bundle has finally been released to enable you to jailbreak iOS 4.3 Beta on the iPhone 4.

image thumb30 PwnageTool Bundle Jailbreak For iOS 4.3 On iPhone 4 Released

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image thumb19 Apple iOS 4.3 Beta Available For Download For iPhone, iPod Touch And The iPad

There has been quite a lot of Apple lately, with news on the Verizon iPhone 4, Greenpois0n’s untethered jailbreak for the iPhone and the iPad, etc. However the official announcement from Apple came about the release of iOS 4.3 Beta for the iPhone, iPod Touch, Apple TV 2G and the iPad.

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Quite a lot of excitement recently with all the news on the untethered jailbreak tools coming this Christmas. Though Comex pulled off the release of his version of the Christmas gift, MuscleNerd of the iPhone dev Team is taking full advantage of the long weekend.

image thumb88 Redsn0w Untethered Jailbreak Confirmed For Christmas Weekend Release

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I sort of agree with the pictorial definition of the Web Developers and Web Designers. Though there have been instances when things have been the other way round for each of them.

Are you a Web Designer or a Developer? What are your opinions about the two?

image thumb84 Web Designers VS Web Developers In Picture For more interesting news you can join Startup Meme on Facebook or follow @smohkim on Twitter.

Thanks Taimur Khan

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image thumb82 Untethered iOS 4.2.1 Jailbreak Might Be A Cydia Package

With developers there is no believing what they might come up with or not. I have been following a few posts from our new blogger, mohsin especially in connection to the untethered iOS 4.2.1 jailbreak. Some updates are that Comex has indeed turned down the chances of the untethered jailbreak coming out this Christmas. However there is some hope even now.

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image thumb31 Google App Inventor For Android: Taking App Development Beyond Hard Core ProgrammingThe Guest Post is written by Daniel Offer who writes and is also the owner of the Facebook chat program Chit Chat for Facebook. Chit Chat is essentially a Facebook client that facilitates sending Facebook messages from ones desktop.

Google has recently launched a free service, ‘App Inventor for Android’ and it is causing a big stir. This is a program that claims to allow people with no Java programming experience to design their own apps for Android OS smart phones.

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image thumb14 Google Releases Crash And Burn Chrome: The Experimental Chrome Canary Build

Keep evolving if you are to stay on top of the line. That is what I think and perhaps it comes from Google and its powerful web browser, Chrome. The browser has just got a latest experimental build titled the Chrome Canary and it is in every a threat to users. What makes its threatening or risky? Well Google plans to introduce this build with a bid that changes inducted will be implemented without any user verification. Which means you are the lab monkey testing out changes first up.

Before I head on further, know the risks:

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image thumb13 HipHop For PHP Now Formally Out On Facebook

We talked quite in detail about the new PHP that Facebook was set to roll out for its developer’s community. While those were just rumors till yesterday, as today the social network confirmed the release of HipHop for PHP. This isn’t any compiler as I had thought of to be but a source code transformer, which turns your PHP into an optimized C++ and later compiles it in the g++ code.

From the post of Haiping Zhao:

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image thumb New PHP To Go Open Source On Facebook, Soon

There is some rebuilding taking place within the Facebook platform amongst those developers as the word’s out on rebuilt PHP. That to completely. I am not sure how this turns up, but given that it is bound to be more efficient, developers out there will definitely adopt it as a their primary platform.

Now all this definitely sounds exciting and worth to talk about. I am primarily interested  in how this platform actually helps with the development procedures and effectiveness. We all know that developers face some issues regarding notifications about their apps, etc, would this help them with their applications, like adding to them a threaded functionality. Further more it could be more like a development tool for beginners, for example a language tool that assists developers with writing codes easier and the running far more effective. Now if this is what it’s meant to be, I bet it will benefit amateurs like me the most.

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image thumb103 Developers Lose Big Chunk On Promotion As Facebook Murders Comment Reply Notifications

The status comments and comments in return of comments marching in numbers to my inbox bothered me big time. The idea to have it there was highly problematic to begin with as it kept bombarding you with notifications, however it is gone now. Thanks Facebook, as a user it has definitely removed the pain it caused me.

While I am here praising the move, the developer community is not happy. We all know why. I have no grudges against them or how their products benefitted from these notifications. This was already in the talks for the entire month as Facebook was always looking to put an end to notifications on user feeds, what might really be bothering them is the fact that hardly a few days back the social network had confirmed that they will not be making the move. So why exactly has been done and what was the issue?

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