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desktop computer dodo 1 Are Mobiles Charging To Kill The Desktop

With football season kicking into full gear, the number of mobile searches will dramatically increase. Imagine a group of guys huddled around the TV watching the game. Everyone is loud and raucous for the first half which makes their appetite for the essential food groups, beer, and wings grow exponentially. Halftime is soon approaching and everyone needs a refill on beer and something to fuel them up for the next half. Buffalo Wild Wings airs an ad that lets their guests pull up a coupon on their mobile phones to present at their closest location by using ip geolocation. Everyone of the famished football fanatics reaches for their device, does a Google search for the coupon, and heads to the closest dining establishment.

With the prevalence of smartphones and tablets, it is becoming more important to make sure your mobile marketing campaign is on even keel with your overall marketing strategy. Buffalo Wild Wings couldn’t market their restaurants as effectively if they relied on a purely desktop SEO strategy. More businesses are using to their mobile strategy to reach out to potential consumers instead of relying solely on their traditional desktop campaigns.

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image thumb45 Apple Releases Mac Mini: Better Performance, Light In Weight And Gains $100 In Price

With the WWDC gone and the iPhone 4 hype still in the air, Apple today announced the all new Mac Mini. And before I go ahead with anything else, it is available for $699. The price has gone up from $599 of the last Mac Mini, something which has been termed as the only disappointment of the release. I somehow am not surprised at this, given there have predictions of Apple raising the bar on prices given how they have been able to sell there products like hot cakes, iPhone, iPad, iPods and the MacBooks.

The device is a unibody boasting at being the most energy efficient desktop computer. Other than that the device features twice the graphics performance, an additional HDMI port as well as an SD Card slot. It is quite compact, with a 7.7 inch square body and only 1.4 inch thick. The standard device priced at $699 comes with a 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 2 GB of RAM and 320 GB hard disk, all of which can be expanded thanks to the removable panel underneath. The RAM is expandable up to 8 GB and a build to order device can fetch prices up to $999. You can read more on feature here.

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