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image thumb12 Outsource Your IT Infrastructure–Why It Can Prove To Be Beneficial

A changing economic and business climate has required many firms to take a good hard look at their budgetary needs. Even though robust and dependable Dell IT Services are crucial for the success of continual operation for an organization, the need to find ways to save money requires thinking outside of the box. A fully staffed IT department may no longer be a financial reality for companies looking to right-size their organization. This doesn’t mean that the need for quality tech support will diminish. Quite the contrary, as hardware and computer applications continue to evolve, the corporate world continues to need fully trained and knowledgeable technicians available to assist with day-to-day operations.

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image thumb88 China Mobile brings you the Dell Mini 3i…… at last

It’s finally here, the Dell Mini 3i has finally been made available in China, thanks China Mobile. This is the first of Dell’s devices in ages and is based on the Android based Ophone platform. Reports state that the same platform will be running most of the smartphones in China. The device boasts quite a lot which include access to many of the Chinese Mobile Market services, GPS navigation, a 3MP camera and everything one would want to have in the device. I just wonder if it’s cheap enough and it is made available across the globe pretty soon.

image thumb16 Dell Mini 3i set to bring AT&T its Android based phone

There are reports of the Dell Mini 3i making its way to the U.S. The device is Dell’s first to run on the Android platform and had been released earlier in China. The device is rumored to have a 5MP camera compared to the 3MP that the original Mini 3i had plus the coming of the device would also bring AT&T its first Android based device. Sounds interesting and I guess Android based phones can leverage the subscriptions of these service providers to grow exponentially.

image thumb6 Dell continues work outs, cuts the bulk on new Inspiron 14z and 15z laptops

With thin and light the latest in laptops, Dell is making the right moves to cut short on dimensions and weight. It has presently cut down sizes for its Inspiron series 14z and 15z. The new line of Dell machines are way lighter than the traditional Inspiron devices we have seen from Dell so far plus they boast having the new Intel ULV processor with Core 2, Core 2 Duo processors added with battery life worth 8.5 hours. The device has a neat 14 inch display for 14z and 15.6 for the 15z devices. The prices for the device begin at $599 and have a 500 GB hard drive with 8GB of RAM.

image thumb79 Dells Mini 3i or whatever it is called is out in China

It’s here or should I put it correctly, Dell’s smartphone that we had been talking about late last week has been unveiled there in China. The Mini 3i as it has been called appears pretty sleek and a device worth having. It boasts a 3.5 inch touch screen with a 360X640 resolution compared to the 320X480 screen of the iPhone. It also boasts a 3.2 MP camera a mini USB port and a miniSD card slot and like the iPhone has no physical keyboard, but do we really need it? Many won’t bother about it but I definitely would have loved it if it had WiFi and that it supports 2G. Though having the 2G network or not wont bother its users in China as it offer them TD-SCDMA which is China’s equivalent of the 3G network. It will be interesting to see how Dell fares in the market given that it has hit the Chinese market in the right place.

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image thumb47 Confirmed: Dell is launching its mobile in China and its called Ophone mini3i

I wasn’t sure if this one was going to turn out true, but it is apparently. Many sources in China confirm that Dell is actually set to launch its Android powered mobile device and they have a name too; Ophone mini3i. And as for the carrier, the obvious choice is China Mobile, the world’s biggest carrier. The date for the launch? Well it can happen anytime this week. TechCrunch also put up a screenshot for the device’s market place called MobileMarket, the App Store like place for the apps. Lets see what this new device has to offer and if it’s worth the wait and price.

image thumb36 Dell might have put a halt to its 12 inch Netbook but it has plans to launch a Mobile Device in China

Dell has dealt a death blow on its 12 inch netbooks for whatever reason, but it’s pretty serious about launching its very own mobile device in China. What’s even more interesting is the fact that it will be making its way in the next couple of days. There is no confirmation about this but the reports of such a venture have been running around for quite some time, which makes it quite believable. The chances are also that the devices will be powered by Google’s Android platform. We are waiting for confirmation on this, which leaves us anticipating what exactly is Dell coming out with.

image thumb32 Dell freezes 12 inch Netbooks production, which sounds quite reasonable,

There is news that Dell has put a stop to manufacturing its 12 inch netbooks stating that the 10 inch display is a preferred option for most users. Why? Well they think the 12 inch would require more horsepower. Now I am not sure what they were trying to point out there but one thing does make sense that the smaller screen doesn’t really encourage users to do many things they would on a bigger one. For example I might use my netbook to check mails, write a couple of post while on the move but the instant I am done with that I feel no urge to do anything extra, watch videos, etc. Why? Because the size is simply too small. Which brings up another argument, why not increase the size to do more? In my opinion, a 12 inch netbook doesn’t really sound any different than having a laptop. Why would I want to run around carrying a large netbook? And more importantly with no difference in performance. I guess Dell has made an intelligent move, primarily it’s spending a lot on marketing on two products that are exactly the same in performance just with a bigger size. I wouldn’t mind that 12 inch netbook only if its processor were equally powerful to help perform other (heavier) tasks as well.

image thumb146 Dell is working on an Android based device.. Not a Cell Phone though

There is a new Android based device set to make its way in the market and its coming from Dell as reports state. That device is however not a mobile handset and will be slightly bigger than the iPhone. And the reason why Dell is going for Android is obviously that its powerful and free. Although there has been no official word on the device from Dell, people state that the device will be available by the second half of this year. Dell has been working upon the device and had appointed exec Ain McKendrick to be in charge of its mobile Internet devices. Lets see what exactly is the device like and how it does in the market.