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image thumb25 SaleLocator: What’s On Sale Now In Local Stores?

SaleLocator is a new local shopping search engine and iPhone app that brings local retail sales information to consumers. The startup plans to step in the arena as one of the largest collection of in-store sale information, SaleLocator helps bargain hunters find the best ongoing sales near them by showcasing local brick-and-mortar sales in all US markets, from the smallest towns to the biggest cities.

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image thumb77 Facebook Credits A Step Further: Pay For Facebook Ads With PayPal – Advertisers Get More Localization

It appears that Facebook is strengthening its bond with PayPal  as the two extended support for the Facebook Credits to include all advertisers on the social network. With this support available any advertiser can utilize PayPal to make payments for ads on the social network. This would help Facebook move a step ahead on its plans to monetize its platform, more effectively.

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CropperCapture34 thumb Microsoft Set To Fish Happy Aquarium From Facebook Developer, CrowdStar

There is so much Microsoft looks forward to when it comes to Facebook that the giant would do anything to have more stakes in the social network. It already has signed up Zynga to bring its game on MSN live and today rumors of it buying CrowdStar surfaced too. CrowdStar is one of the leading game developers for Facebook games and its most popular game is Happy Aquarium with more than 26 million active users per month.

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image thumb19 Microsoft/Yahoo Deal Is Done; Only If The Government Gives a Green

The Microsoft/Yahoo deal is done, something we thought had been decided and made peace with last year. Well they did so, but both parties had a tough time coming to a common solution on the terms, not until yesterday when the two announced finalizing and implemented the search and advertising deal. Thank God for that, but is it over for real?

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image thumb76 Relief at last as eBay seals Skype deal at a valuation of $2.75 Billion

While it has taken all the time it needed, eBay has finally sold Skype at a healthy $2.75 Billion valuation. Plus the confusion on stake holders getting a 65% share or not has moved away too as Silver Lake Partners gets a 70% stake. Apart from that the stakes are shard by Joltid along with others in the list. This all comes in good time as Skype founders Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis plan to initiate a music startup, Rdio. Lets see how Skype fares all by itself.

image thumb7 Google signs deal with COOLERBOOKS, keener than ever to compete Amazons Kindle

While the entire Web maybe after Google with signing deals with eBook readers, Google itself is busy with expanding its eBook empire. Presently the big boss in search signed up a deal with Interead, the firm behind the eBook store, COOLERBOOKS. The firm is not only into providing ebooks to the masses but also manufactures eBook readers call COOL-ER, which cost $249 in the U.S and supports 19 formats which include PDF and MP3 format for audio books. This deal is definitely going to give Amazon a hiccup, given that Google is partnering with the many eBook reader manufacturers and rapidly expanding business, but it remains to be seen how successful Google actually is with these proceedings.

image thumb130 Verizon extends agreement with Boingo, to provide customers with free WiFi access for another four years

Verizon is making its subscribers happy as it extends its agreement with Boingo to provide free Wi-Fi service for an additional four year period. The service will be available to its customers of FiOS Internet and HSI. With this the customers will be able to access the Internet on Boingo powered hotspots across thousands of locations from hotels to public locations.

image thumb128 Google to hand back its stakes in AOL as Time Warner buys them back

AOL gets to break free of Google as Time Warner bought back Google’s 5% shares which it had in AOL. The deal had been signed up back in 2005 when Google was able to snatch from Microsoft. However things hadn’t been going smooth for AOL, given that it had been spinning around layoffs, shutdown of services, etc and Google demanded AOL’s spin off or to have its shares taken back for a fair market value. Given the present situation, the value of those shares is much lesser than what it was paid while AOL is being valued at $5.66 Billion.

image thumb126 ClickFuel partners with Ifbyphone to Help Clients Track Phone Calls From Online Ad Campaigns

Internet Marketing service provider, ClickFuel is extending itself further by partnering with Ifbyphone. With this, ClickFuel will leverage Ifbphone’s call tracking service to provide SMBs with advanced tools for tracking online ads that generate phone calls. With SMBs receiving most of their sales via phones, this integration will help ClickFuel  customers to make most of their ad campaigns.

image thumb120 Adgregate Markets joins hands with Linkstorm Partners to bring advertisers ShopAds

Adgregate Markets is making another major partnership and this time it’s Linkstorm. The partnership will integrate ShopAds with Linkstorm’s Banner Xpander to help combine the power of innovative technologies to better performance based ads. Linkstorm’s Banner Xpander will utilize ShopAds technology to help users interact, browse and purchase products right from the ad.