image thumb4 Tastebuds: Dating With A Musical Twist

Isn’t the Internet really becoming a larger than life thing, especially when it comes to relations? No, I am not going to mention Facebook or other social networks resulting in ugly divorces but how relations can be built and people, err, singles can become couples. Doesn’t make sense does it? But Tastebuds is doing exactly that. Not necessarily helping singles get involved in a relationship but make acquaintances based on the likeliness of their taste for music.

Created by two musicians based in London: Julian Keenaghan and Alex Parish. The idea was brought forth seeing other dating websites failing to get things done. Tastebuds tries to remove the clichéd method of bringing people closer; that of telling each other about their interests, favorite colors and God knows what else. You love Rolling Stones or Sting and there is someone out there who has love for exactly the same, Tastebuds lets you know about people who share the same taste in music, believing that this might be a good criteria for you to date or at least make friends with.

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