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image thumb18 Cydia Search Lets You Search Cydia App Store On Your ComputerFor all those with a jailbroken iPhone, Cydia is an absolute necessity for being the App Store for the jailbroken apps. I have in particular disliked how one can get lost searching through its categories for something you aren’t fully aware of where to find. That to on your iOS device like the iPhone, iPad or the iPod Touch. Think of the same being done on your desktop or your Macs, easy isn’t it? Well Cydia Search from Plant-iPhones is all about doing the same.

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Quite a lot of excitement recently with all the news on the untethered jailbreak tools coming this Christmas. Though Comex pulled off the release of his version of the Christmas gift, MuscleNerd of the iPhone dev Team is taking full advantage of the long weekend.

image thumb88 Redsn0w Untethered Jailbreak Confirmed For Christmas Weekend Release

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Home Screen orientation with the iPhone models is quite a disappointment for me, especially compared to the iPad. But, those of you jailbroken iPhones can readily resolve this with a new tweak from Cydia called the SBRotator. The app can be found at the Big Boss repository for $1.99.

image thumb26 SBRotator For iPhone Lets You Rotate Your Home Screen [Jailbreak Needed]

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image thumb20 How To Save SHSH Blobs On iPhone, iPad With iSHSHit App From Cydia

The biggest issue that comes with updating the iOS on the Apple iPhone, iPad or the iPod Touch is with downgrading to the previous version. I am talking about the SHSH blob in particular.

SHSH blob is a signature file on your iOS device that is verified against the servers at Apple to ensure if the device is running the latest version of the iOS. Fret not, there is a new Cydia app that enables you to save these blobs, though we have already talked about how to save SHSH previously with Tiny Umbrella. Read More »

image thumb9 Here’s How To Add Contact Photo In iPhone Text Messages: Use ChatPic [For Jailbreak Only]

It is always fun to have images jumping next to text messages from your contacts, makes it a bit more interactive in my opinion. That’s not a possibility though, not my on Android or on the iPhone. However those with a jailbroken iPhone can readily enable this via ChatPic, a new jailbreak tweak.

ChatPic enables you to view images of your contact next to the text message. This of course requires your contact to have a picture associated, it does sync with Facebook photos to make this easy. Don’t be surprised if you aren’t able to see the apps’ icon on the home-screen since it is integrated in the iPhone settings and can be enabled right from settings.

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image thumb19 Enable HD Photos On iPod Touch 4G With HD Photographer [Jailbreak Needed]

Whether someone knows what good does having HD recording capability means for video recording or not it definitely sounds cool to have. Especially if you have the new iPod Touch 4G which sadly doesn’t have that. The absence of HD capability means you can’t take widescreen photos with your device.

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image thumb87 How To Activate FaceTime On iPhone 4 In Un Supported Countries! Needs A Jailbreak

For those of you with an iPhone 4 and left stranded for not being able to use the FaceTime feature since it is not supported, here’s a good news. Cydia has got a hack that will enable you to use FaceTime at will provided you have a Jailbroken iPhone. This would appeal more to our readers in the Middle East region.

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image thumb67 Who is Using Your iPhone? Find Out With iGotYa App For iPhone. Jailbreak Devices Only

Ever wondered who used your iPhone while you left it at your desk at home or office? If this is and you are looking forward to an easy way to find who used your iPhone, there’s iGotYa app at Cydia that lets you do the same.

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