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image thumb58 The New MacBook Air Commercial Steams In – Video Speaks a Thousand Words!

I understand not many of the readers out there have the time to read loads of texts on a product. Especially today when Apple is busy with it Back to the Mac Event and making it difficult for everyone to grasp the update on their Twitter timeline. So I will keep it simple.

If you are looking forward for a quick grasp on the new MacBook Air, you can watch the following commercial of what Steve Jobs considers to be the future of the notebooks.

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image thumb87 The iPad Ad Parody Does A Better Job….

The Apple iPad does wonders, makes you do the impossible, transforms the image of tablet PCs we once had, blah blah! So says the new commercial from Apple [glad it didn’t have Lady Gaga as it is rumored]. I admire the creativity and the greatness of the device along with the countless apps.

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