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image thumb47 Use Gmail Offline Plus Calendar And Google Docs With Chrome Web App

Google Gears, email clients and what not, the idea sounds alien when you use Gmail and not have an easier way to make use of your Gmail account. With Google Chrome fast catching up and the Web being the center of all focus in terms of computing and accessibility. Today Gmail announced a brand new Web App for Chrome [download here]that resolves a long standing issue – accessing your Gmail, Calendar and Docs without the availability of an Internet Connection. And it’s sweet.

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image thumb28 Google Chromebook Announced At The Google I/OThe Google I/O has been eventful so far but the best news has come today. Google in a bid to make computers better will be rolling out Chromebooks in collaboration with Samsung and Acer and news puts it that they will be super affordable with businesses getting them for $28 a month and Chromebooks for Education at $20 a month. Read More »

image thumb11 Mac OS X Gets Its Version Of The Crash And Burn Chrome, The Chrome Canary

Remember the Google Chrome Canary build we mentioned back in August 2010? The crash and burn Chrome released for developers and testers who don’t mind their browser crashing in testing out new features and updates. The build is finally coming out to the Mac OS X.

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Behold the steadier, speedier and friendlier version of Google Chrome on your desktop as Google has released the beta version of Chrome 10. The speed is supposed to have been improved by 66% and while its being speedily downloaded by others make sure you get one on your desktop here.

image thumb6 Google Chrome 10 Is Faster And Ready To Download [Beta]

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image thumb37 Google Says Goodbye To Eric Schmidt, Larry Page Takes Charge As Google CEO

Eric Schmidt of Google has decided to take a bow from his position as Google’s CEO. It took him 10 years to head what started off as a plain, simple and not so glamorous looking search engine that expanded into the most vital tools of our every day lives today. YouTube, Chrome, Gmail, Gtalk, Google Docs and what not? Of course that’s the hard work and untiring efforts of the entire team but he Eric Schmidt had been heading this since 2001.

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The D: Dive into Mobile event was quite eventful in its own way. We saw the release of the Google Nexus S from Samsung and the coming of the Chrome OS as well. However the more essential announcement in my opinion was the official launch of the Google Chrome Web Store. Call it the the App Store of Google for the Chrome web browser and the Chrome OS, but the name doesn’t matter much as long as it has the name Google linked to it.

image thumb39 Google Chrome Web Store Now Live!

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image thumb18 Google Chrome OS Coming On December 7, Hold Steady Windows!

There has been a lot of fuss indeed over the coming of the Google Chrome OS since July last year. We have seen it running on the Apple iPad and Google’s plans to use the Chrome OS to power iPad competitors alike. But today reports broke out about the upcoming Google Chrome OS Event which is scheduled to take place on December 7 in San Francisco.

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image thumb9 Google Chrome Turns Two, Gets A More Stable Version 6

Google Chrome is worth having, by every means and its market share of 7.5% is impressive. You might consider it very less when compared to the gargantuan 60.4 percent share that the Internet Explorer has and close to 23 percent that of Firefox, but they have been around for a fairly long time. Chrome just celebrated its second birthday and what it has achieved is great.

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image thumb150 Another Impressive Google Experiment: Arcade Fire Brings Music To HTML 5

What would future music videos be like?  We have got applications that continue to get better, browsers that continue to get more powerful and online video channels to make your record get viral instantly. Lets keep business out for an instant and head over to the power of HTML 5. Fret not, I am not going to talk about the coding, etc, just a video created specifically for the browser.

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image thumb144 Google Continues Experimentation With Chrome OS, Indications That It Will Power iPad Competitors

Google continues to make Chrome powerful and more importantly giving users a better way to test run the many experimental features it has to offer. It’s obvious that Google sees the role of the browser being a minute part of the Chrome OS it has in plans. The browser has evolved quite a lot beginning from one with no support for extensions.

Today more reports of Google bolstering it surfaced stating that it has already enabled speech recognition in the upcoming builds of Chrome. The inclusion of about:labs lets you get your hands on experimental stuff that isn’t meant for those who fear testing things out. One feature for Windows users is that they view tabs on the left while those using the Mac can get the feel of the Tab Expose [you can get hold of more experiments at Chrome Labs].

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