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image thumb40 China expands its Great Firewall into PCs

While everyone must be enjoying Apple throwing away iPhone’s for $99 or having you wait impatiently for the iPhone 3G-S to be available on June 19. China is taking a pretty a close fist approach to Web and Internet. China wants nothing short of total control over access to Web services and it had shown this earlier by blocking access to Twitter, Plurk, Facebook, Bing and the list just won’t stop. However the latest reports on various blogs state that China has ordered all PC manufacturers to sell each device with a software that blocks access to websites banned in the mainland. Authorities have however stated that it will be available in a CD and users can decide to install it or not. I am not buying that and even if they had that choice, if things to come to banning a URL, the government will do it. The software if installed will auto-update lists of banned websites, perhaps from a central server, meaning if you are in China running that software, you will be  blocked from accessing the website banned in your country, perhaps instantly. And this is going to be effective from July 1, this year.

image thumb19 And this is how strict the Censorship in China is

image thumb20 And this is how strict the Censorship in China is

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image thumb14 Alibaba Group plans to expand Globally, ready to spend more than $200 Million in Acquisitions

While China might be blocking a countless sites in the country, which include Twitter, Plurk and Bing from being accessed for no obvious reason, one of its company, Alibaba Group is all set to expand. The group plans to invest more that $200 million in acquisitions in the coming years. Head of Alibaba’s strategic investment unit, Wei Zhang stated that these investments would follow the $73 million it has already spent for the same purpose lately. He also stated that Alibaba would make those acquisitions in mobile, e-payment areas specifically and the focus will be on global market. While it’s nice that firms from the mainland are shifting focus to be more global, I think it will be even better if it could relax its policies on blocking sites.

image thumb8 And Now Twitter, Bing Get Banned in China

Here comes another ban from China on Web services; Twitter, Blogger and Bing along with numerous other services have been banned. These bans aren’t something new as earlier the country had banned Plurk as well. I wonder why is it that the country has got such a harsh policy on web services that it keeps banning one or another at various times. Perhaps it considers itself to be responsible at safeguarding its population from external influence. Anyone with better reasons?

image thumb47 Baidu Workers: "The strikes off only if our demands are met"

After a fortnight’s strike, Baidu‘s workers have called it off to let the company come out with an acceptable agreement regarding pay cuts of workers. The bad news is that the strike might begin again if no agreement is reached between the two. The problems surfaced despite Baidu doing well in its first quarter and still decreased salaries by 30%. Workers state that the firm is doing to in order to have employees quit their jobs rather than laying them off. However the firm defended itself stating that the cuts were to sail the company through in tough economic times where ad sales continues to take a hammering. I am not sure if the workers, who have just stopped going to office or not doing work if they are there would listen to all this.