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image thumb18 iPhone 5 Unboxing Video–A Very Fake One Indeed

You seriously can’t blast my hopes off with this ugly piece of crap being unboxed with the box boasting to home an iPhone 5 and then reveal an equally ugly and ancient iPhone model. This is more like a cross between the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 5 rumored designs. In short a mutated piece of crap.

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iPhone 5 Images of iPhone 5 Leaked, Could This Be The Real Deal?Some say the iPhone 5 is delayed till October, others claim that the iPhone 5 is already on sale in China [which is obviously a rumor]. One of the leading tech blogs however has some images of the upcoming iPhone and from the looks of it, it appears as a cross of the previous models of the iPhone; iPhone 3 and iPhone 4.

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image thumb46 iPhone Getting 4G Support In China

Reports are all across the Web about Apple getting LTE 4G support for the iPhone in China. This comes in collaboration with China Mobile, the state owned Chinese Mobile carrier. First things first, this in no way indicates the the next generation of the iPhone, the iPhone 5 will be getting the LTE 4G support. No confirmation or denial by either Apple or China Mobile has been received as yet, which qualifies the rumor to be pretty close to being real.

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image thumb84 China Hammers Another Ban: Google Suggest Feature Now Un Suggested

Google is getting some kicking in China and Pakistan by the authorities. I had been experiencing a block on certain Google Search Suggestions on random sites by the PTA and I kept ignoring this until I came across news from Cnet. While it’ about China extending its impenetrable firewall further.

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image thumb17 The Censorship Stronger In China As FourSquare Got Blocked Over Tiananmen Anniversary

While back in Pakistan, I was busy with the Cyclone threat from Phet that had been building up, China found itself blocking yet another website. This time it is the ever growing Foursquare and the reason for the block is Tiananmen Square.

The ban was initiated on June 4 as the the country was set to celebrate the 21st anniversary of the event when 3,000 protesters, which included students were massacred by the Chinese government. According to the law in the communist state, it is forbidden to discuss about the incident in the country and the Internet is to obey the same rules. The censoring of the site is not a new one, given that even Google obeyed the country’s law and kept search results in strict compliance to the government. Even access to Twitter was blocked last year for the same reasons.

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image thumb30 Chinese Firm, Tencent Invests In Facebook’s Investor: Russian Digital Sky Technologies

Alright China has some major issues with directly investing into Facebook, perhaps fearing it might have to allow the social network more access to its people. But making an indirect link doesn’t sound that bad and there is always an option. China’s leading Internet firm, Tencent has made a $300 Million investment in Russia’s Digital Sky Technologies. The same DST that has made major investments in Facebook, Zynga [Farmville creator].

The investment will give Tencent a 10.26% share in DST. I am not sure what shares does it translate to for Facebook, in which DST has 3.5 stake. The investment is pretty striking for me, given that only recently I stated that penetrating China, is going to be a major problem for Facebook but firms in the region see the prospects of making investments as it is a definite profit, one thing that wont translate to losses any time in the future. As for Facebook, it just adds more value to the platform, the greater firms get associated to it, the easier it becomes for it to gain penetration into the International market, even in regions where the idea is a bit too difficult.

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image thumb23 Why China Would Be A Stone Wall For Facebook..

China, the minute I say the name it appears quite clear that anyone on the Web who plans to have a presence there has to go through loads of trouble. I mean we are all aware of the country’s strict policies and absolute control over information on the Web. Facebook as of now is planning something along the lines too, the social network already has a Facebook.cn domain registered to its name for almost 3 years now and there isn’t much beyond that.

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image thumb88 China Mobile brings you the Dell Mini 3i…… at last

It’s finally here, the Dell Mini 3i has finally been made available in China, thanks China Mobile. This is the first of Dell’s devices in ages and is based on the Android based Ophone platform. Reports state that the same platform will be running most of the smartphones in China. The device boasts quite a lot which include access to many of the Chinese Mobile Market services, GPS navigation, a 3MP camera and everything one would want to have in the device. I just wonder if it’s cheap enough and it is made available across the globe pretty soon.

image thumb40 Alibaba crosses a decade, has big plans for another 10 years to come

Only recently Yahoo sold of its stakes in Alibaba for $150 Million and today Alibaba is making big claims as it turns ten. It is the second most popular Internet company as well having the second highest Internet offering in Hong Kong’s stock exchange following Google. The big claims it made today are its aims to create 100 million jobs and employ more than 10 million people. Huge numbers and it sounds Jack Ma is living in a Utopia, but given the reach Alibaba has those numbers appear to be pretty achievable and those goals have been set for the next decade.

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image thumb20 iPhone’s deal with China Unicom will boost Apple’s iPhone business significantly

Things are going to get big for Apple as its deal with China’s mobile carrier China Unicom gets more concrete. Reports roll out that the two have agreed to sign a deal for a 3 year period and that both the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3G S will be available to the users in China. China Unicom has more than 140 million subscribers, half of the 270 million USA for all its carriers combined. The other positive aspect is that if Apple manages to sign up more deals with other carriers,primarily China Mobile, the largest mobile carrier in the world, fortunes may change for Apple for all times to come. I guess if this happens and if Apple is able to pocket even a third of China’s mobile subscribers the iPhone devices across the globe will rise significantly. Lets just things go smooth and Apple is able to tap maximum out of all this.