image thumb20 iPhone’s deal with China Unicom will boost Apple’s iPhone business significantly

Things are going to get big for Apple as its deal with China’s mobile carrier China Unicom gets more concrete. Reports roll out that the two have agreed to sign a deal for a 3 year period and that both the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3G S will be available to the users in China. China Unicom has more than 140 million subscribers, half of the 270 million USA for all its carriers combined. The other positive aspect is that if Apple manages to sign up more deals with other carriers,primarily China Mobile, the largest mobile carrier in the world, fortunes may change for Apple for all times to come. I guess if this happens and if Apple is able to pocket even a third of China’s mobile subscribers the iPhone devices across the globe will rise significantly. Lets just things go smooth and Apple is able to tap maximum out of all this.