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image thumb1 Can the HTC Camera Be Beat? Can HTC Interface Ever Change?

The latest in the T-Mobile HTC 4G Android Phone lineup, the Sensation, is already being considered one of the best smartphones either company has ever been involved with. It’s 4.3 touch screen display and overall length of nearly 5 inches with a width of 0.44 inches gives it a lanky look. When compared to the iPhone, however, this quickly becomes the phone’s definitive style. Simply put, the HTC Sensation as a model overrides the cool factor of the iPhone, which is honestly an incredibly difficult thing for a mobile phone to achieve these days.

The battery life is almost too good to be true, and if I didn’t see it for myself I wouldn’t believe it. Two hours of music, an accumulative hour texting, count one more for talking, then another hour for browsing and four more for goofing off and gaming, and I still had plenty of power left. With the phone I have now that would’ve needed a charge before I had time to finish my second-to-last dungeon for the day.

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image thumb1 iPhone 5 Will Have 8MP Camera And Sony Might Help With It

The Tsunami and the earthquake in Japan has had its impact on everything, especially on the countless lives that have been lost. That remains a very ugly part of the disaster reports are coming in that one of Sony’s factory has been affected by the same. And it was reportedly making sensors for the next generation of the iPhone, iPhone 5 that is.

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image thumb138 Transform Your iPhone Into A Professional Camera With These 2 Lenses

We all love taking photos and the advent of powerful smartphones, with equally powerful and high quality cameras has made each one of us a photographer. But there is a lot left desired. I mean it isn’t a dedicated high quality camera and that is because the camera phone lens doesn’t give you all that functionality; the fish eye, wide angle or the macro function for an extreme closeup. Worry not, there is something to lift this up as Photojojo shares with us detachable Camera phone Lens.

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