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We have already talked extensively about the iOS 4.3 for the iPhone 4. However there is news that the update for the iOS 4.3 are already in the making. This has been shared by BGR who report that the update will bring fixes to certain bugs.

image thumb11 iOS 4.3.1 Releasing Soon, Will Fix Bugs And Battery Life

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image thumb26 Did FriendFeed get influenced by Facebook as a Major Bug surfaces

Alright I should stop yelling at Facebook and the problems it has with security, etc. Why? Because FriendFeed has a vulnerability, call it being influenced by Facebook (I know I am being skeptical about the social network). The bug lets you make FriendFeed posts as any one by sending a message via email. The proof is someone making a post as FriendFeed’s founder, Bret Taylor. FriendFeed has been quick at taking action and shutting down email posting to the service.

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