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image thumb45 And After iPhone, Android Based Phones Embrace First Trojan

One of the biggest reasons why Apple gets my respect is its devices are not susceptible to being infected with viruses. We have seen loads of these in Microsoft Windows PCs and laptops but not with the Macs, the MacBooks, iMac, etc. Today that immaculate and virus free award also went to Apple iPhone, as Google’s Android phones got a taste of a first Trojan, perhaps the first for any smartphone.

It is an SMS Trojan known as SMS.AndroidOS.FakePlayer.a and is already wild on many Android phones out there. The Trojan comes as a media player app and once installed, it auto sends SMS to the contacts in your mobile device. Of course this happens without you wanting or not. Kaspersky Lab, a leading security firm reports that the Trojan is currently infecting Russian Android devices, however, given the nature of such viruses it should be noted that they will soon be roaming free across the web. Read More »

image thumb46 Beware The Shocking Video Bug Sucking Up On Facebook Users!

Bug, scam go away

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image thumb23 Facebook Bug Reveals Your Chat Messages, Friend Requests!

Bug Alert on Facebook! Reports state that the social network was hit by a bug that revealed quite a lot about those who were affected by it. It revealed information such as the Chat messages between friends, friend requests that were pending and quite a lot of other private information.

The bug didn’t last long and affected the social networking site for a short period of time as stated by the company. This took advantage of a loophole  in the social network’s preview my profile in the privacy settings of users. To avoid more issues and user chat messages from being revealed Facebook disabled the Chat feature on the site while the issue was fixed.

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