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image thumb14 Mozilla Releases Firefox 4 Beta 1 For Android: Take Your Browser Anywhere!

To all those Firefox fans out there also having an Android phone there is good news. Mozilla just announced the release of the Firefox 4 Beta 1 for Android. The app is called Fennec [I guess I recall talking about it ages back] and is available for download at the Mozilla Site, which should ensure that it is official [I get a lot of emails and questions about an app being official or not]. You can download Firefox 4 Beta 1 here and take your Firefox anywhere.

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image thumb127 Firefox Adds Panorama Feature In Firefox 4, Looks Cool

How do you keep users glued to your service or tool? Give them features that they find impossible to resist and are highly in demand. Firefox has kept a tab on such user needs, evolving continually, the release of the Firefox 4 has something similar to offer; Tab Candy.

That would also be called the Firefox Panorama, and has been in tests for quite some but previous tries had been wobbly. The current version is more stable and lets you place all those messy tabs in a more organized manner. The idea is to give you a neater summary of what pages you are browsing, letting you zoom in with the Panorama button or simply view a more compactly organized tabs. I recall something similar on some other OS.. Expose on the Macs?

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image thumb63 Internet Explorer Turns 15; Shows Signs Of Redemption

The Browser wars have only just begun, I mean I won’t call them as old and ancient as the Microsoft Internet Explorer. The browser that has seen its highs and lows throughout its history has turned fifteen, making it the eldest in the Browser community. I am not sure how many of you still use the Internet Explorer, I for one haven’t used it for the last one year [regularly].

I guess the major issue with IE has been the security flaws and the long stretch of the IE6 that, if I am not wrong would have never got an update if sites and people hadn’t shown their disgust over it. However there has been a comeback of sort, with the latest releases of the Internet Explorer steadily gaining market share in the couple of months [via Net Applications], where as the likes of Firefox, Google Chrome have all lost shares.

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image thumb43 Chrome must have 10% Market share in the next Two years, else Google will be disappointed

Google has released version 3 of Chrome browser for PC users, it’s been a year and the browser has grabbed around 3% of the browser market share. Doesn’t sound quite bad but Google will only be satisfied by the browser only if grabs a 10% market share in the next two years. Well that isn’t a huge target given that it has gained a 3% share in a year, it might get close to 9% at least if it maintains its current growth, which is bound to shoot up as it releases in full swing for the Mac devices too. I guess the Google will have to utilize the Web to advertize the browser to gain more in the browser market. The real issue is that despite many people liking Chrome, many still don’t use it as a primary browser and it’s going to take some time before a complete switch is made. Until then we will continue to see spikes in its market share.

image thumb2 Opera 10 Turbo is finally here, better and faster

Opera 10 has finally come out for the masses after being under rigorous testing for quite some time and word is; it’s turbo fast. Though Opera hasn’t really caused any trouble to the giants in the browser market, IE and Firefox the current release pushes the accelerator and surfing is fast. This is made possible with its Turbo Feature and makes browsing a faster experience if you use a slower connection and with fixes to the many bugs it improves the overall experience to a large extent. Other features include spell check and a much better built in client for Opera Mail. I am not sure if there will be a mass migration of users from the standard browsers they use but its user base might just tick off to a higher percentage. I wish it best of luck, but for myself I will stick to Firefox and Chrome, others will have to do a lot to make me switch.

image thumb129 Opera Mini steering clear in Mobile Browser market followed closely by Safari

Opera Mini has taken the mobile browser market by storm with more than 25 million downloads. The numbers come in from mobile app market, GetJar making Opera Mini the most popular applications and to be honest it has done far better than Firefox. The number takes its share in the mobile market to 25% ahead of iPhone’s Safari that has around 20% share. The mobile browser has done pretty well this year so far with more than 7.5 million from the years beginning and I bet there is a whole lot that it can do in times to come.

image thumb12 In no time Firefox grabs 4.5% of Browser Market share while IE6 faces hostility

Everyone is uniting to force IE6 users to make a switch as the browser ages, however Mozilla’s Firefox 3.5 has managed to make a major climb as reports put its market share at 4.5%. What’s worth noting is the fact that it has been out there for only a month. Sounds more than impressive and a clear indication that it is the most preferred browser in the market. Apart from this, it also  confirms that Internet Explorer reigns supreme only because it comes as a default browser on all of the systems that run Windows. The trends clearly show that the long running leader in the market continues its dive to demise while Firefox, Chrome and others continue to progress. And we already know that Windows 7, specifically in Europe will have no default browser, meaning that IE’s share would further be hammered. Lets see what the market is like in the next year and who leads the pack.

image thumb59 Upgrade your IE6 to a newer browser if you need to watch YouTube videos

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image thumb4 5 Million downloads in 24 Hours for Firefox 3.5

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