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Behold the steadier, speedier and friendlier version of Google Chrome on your desktop as Google has released the beta version of Chrome 10. The speed is supposed to have been improved by 66% and while its being speedily downloaded by others make sure you get one on your desktop here.

image thumb6 Google Chrome 10 Is Faster And Ready To Download [Beta]

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image thumb33 Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 9: Unleashes A More Beautiful Web

I have used the Internet Explorer 7 and the IE8 and honestly those couldn’t make me move back to Microsoft’s browser. However I have been keeping my final verdict till the release of the IE9. Gladly Microsoft is releasing the latest version of its browser, today.

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image thumb22 Leaked Internet Explorer 9 Video: Reveals A Bare User Interface.

Microsoft is looking forward to solidify the dominance of its browser, the Internet Explorer. An initiative that started off by getting rid of years or sticking to the IE6 in the face of growing popularity of the likes of Firefox, to begin with. The newer versions of the IE have been better, especially IE8 which has got some praise from Web community. Today videos of the upcoming IE 9 were leaked on YouTube and in all honesty, the user interface is more like a woman clad in bikini on a beach.

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image thumb9 Google Chrome Turns Two, Gets A More Stable Version 6

Google Chrome is worth having, by every means and its market share of 7.5% is impressive. You might consider it very less when compared to the gargantuan 60.4 percent share that the Internet Explorer has and close to 23 percent that of Firefox, but they have been around for a fairly long time. Chrome just celebrated its second birthday and what it has achieved is great.

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image thumb92 Lunascape Experience Comes To The iPad With The Free iLunascape Browser

Lunascape, the triple engine browser is extending itself beyond desktop to the revolutionary Apple tablet, the iPad. They have just released iLunascape, the iPad app is more of a browser and can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

The browser has been created specifically for the iPad to provide users with a richer browsing experience compared to what Safari provides, at least in my opinion. The best bit it, iLunascape brings its tabbed browsing to the tablet and enables users to browse in six different tabs simultaneously. Switching tabs isn’t an issue either as it can be down by a simple tap. What makes the iLunascape work great is that it has been specifically designed for the iPad user interface. Some of the key features include:

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image thumb50 How To Protect Yourself From Malicious Links: Use Firefox Add on Search Engine Security

I for one need to do spend a lot of time on Google searching for various research reports, images, etc. And like most users, it isn’t surprising I too come across numerous malicious links. These include fake videos, images, spam sites and what not. The problem is antivirus and detection services don’t provide an ultimate solution, however we are looking forward to better secure ourselves. Zscaler, a leader in cloud security answered our question on how to protect ourselves against SEO spam with a Firefox add-on and is called Search Engine Security.

The plugin would protect users from most of the malware out there including fake AV and fake video pages. You can download Search Engine Security here.

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I am game for this, I am sold out to Google for putting up this super impressive video that shows the speed of Chrome. I haven’t tried the latest release, but to be honest it is game. Don’t waste time and watch the video below and let me get back to you after the jump.

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image thumb4 Opera 10 Turbo goes Turbo in downloads, 10 million downloads in a week

Opera 10 has done great, oh let me complete the name, Opera 10 with Turbo has blazed through in number of downloads as it crossed 10 million downloads. A huge achievement since this means an equal number of people are using the browser too. The browser does really live up to the expectations which is one reason why users are sticking to it. I might just give the browser an in depth try.

image thumb9 No more IE6! No More IE6.. and now startups rally to force a change

Internet Explorer has all of a sudden got itself being bombarded with hostility as more people term the browser to be useless. To be honest, the browser has been in business for almost a decade and is still holds a major share in the browser market, but seriously the time has come for things to move ahead. Big names like YouTube have already ceased support for the aging browser and presently a group of startups have joined hands to show the Web that they are really tired of seeing the Papa IE6 around. The result as they anticipate will force users to make the essential switch to obliterate it. Google, Firefox, etc are Is there a bigger lobby out there working against IE6? You can even visit sites like this for example, to see how determined are people about this matter.

image thumb84 Yahoo upgrades its Toolbar, its real time and its worth having

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