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Tips 5 Ways to Stay Alive And Visible Online

Invisible sounds great when you talk about the Fantastic Four and the likes. But when it comes to a product, brand or simply your Blog, invisibility is one super power you wouldn’t enjoy having. There has been a massive migration to gain maximum visibility online, leverage that offline and have more eyes learning about your product or service. I mean look at us, we would do anything to create noise on any platform to ensure our words are visible to more, even if it involves commenting on blogs that belong to our competitors. Without visibility, your site may as well be worthless as it won’t be gaining the attention needed to be profitable.

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image thumb22 Apple Named The Most Valuable Brand Valued At $153.3 Billion, Ahead Of Google

While Google has remained to be the most valued brand for quite some time now, 2011 becomes the year of Apple as Steve Jobs’ brainchild has been named the most valuable brand of the 100 as per the BrandZ survey. It is has been estimated at $153.3 Billion, ahead of biggies like Coca Cola, HSBC, BMW and Google itself.

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