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image thumb61 Delicious Is Not Shutting Down, Definitely Looking For Life Outside Yahoo!

Alright enough with the rumors on Delicious having the plugged pulled out by Yahoo! The people at Delicious have stepped out of the den and using the blog to pluck any suspicion about this happening. Relax loyal Delicious users, the service is here to stay.

Rumors started rolling out yesterday when there claims of Yahoo! selling off Delicious just because it serves no purpose at Yahoo. Agreed but that doesn’t mean Delicious itself is a service destined to be doomed. The folks at Delicious are however looking forward for a way to create a less Yahoo! dependant firm and we might very well hear a new plan sometime soon.

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image thumb58 Startup: Diphur Makes Bookmarking Active With Site Update Notifications

Bookmarking is very useful but there is something they miss, a frequent reminder of any updates that occur on the site you have marked. I mean what’s the point of bookmarking if all you have to do is remember the pages and check for updates manually? What if a service could exist that bookmarked as well as monitored updates and notified users? Well there is one startup that does exactly that: Diphur.

The startup does an impressive job at offering its users ease by helping them in numerous ways. That is important, otherwise there was no point in talking about it and moving away from your existing Bookmarking tool. With Diphur you can:

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