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image thumb2 Response: Print is Dead! Long Live Print?

This post is a follow up comment to @Jordan Kurzweil published on TechCrunch (Print is Dead! Long Live Print?)

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It has been a really long time when I last wrote a post on my experiences with blogging. One reason was I couldn’t allocate time for this, given the influx of news and posts that need to be covered and with all the tweeting. But I guess I can’t use the above reason as a scapegoat. The major reason is I had nothing valuable to share with the online community and I definitely couldn’t set myself a task to ramble about randomly and waste our readers’ time.

image thumb58 6 Essential Tips For Bloggers To Earn Respect!

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image thumb99 Essential Tips For Bloggers: 5 Things A Blogger Must Avoid

Experience is the best teacher, I firmly believe that but we have heard an old saying that says a wise person is one who learns from mistakes made by others. I have had trouble in my blogging career, troubles of all sorts. From befriending friends on Twitter, to making a decent Facebook page that engages the right people with the right stuff, all the way to actually writing a post. I just thought I would share what I have learned in this post hoping it helps others and more importantly if others can share tips with us at Startup Meme.

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