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Wow, talk about a primate getting big on Facebook. I am quite ashamed, envious and God knows what else learning that this monkey in the Tampa Bay Area has got over 44,000 fans. The monkey isn’t blogging, posting status updates or sharing pictures of himself and his friends caught drunk in a party, yet it has so many fans. Anyone has a clue?

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image thumb48 Another Bizarre Relationship Story From Facebook: Guy Steals Ex Girl’s Password And Fiddles With Her Profile

LOL. I am sorry but I didn’t have anything better to go along with what I exactly felt learning about this new bizarre news on Facebook. It appears that the social network is getting as much attention as any topic in the real world. Presently a woman, Jessica Zamora Anderson got fooled by her boyfriend, Paul Franco.

Apparently Jessica was made to believe that Franco, 38 years old and a musician, made her believe that he was an English teacher, all to make her fall for him. Obviously there must have been a desire to take classes and like any other alluring acquaintance on the social network it turned out to be a love affair. And like any other love affair online, it has fallen prey to same sorrow: the boyfriend stole her password and fooled around with her profile. Why would these guys do such things? I mean it sounds so ridiculing and stupid. That’s not it though, according to Jessica he did a lot more than just change a few things.

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image thumb44 Another Sad Facebook Story: Young Teacher Commits Suicide, Thanks To Her Ex Boyfriend

Here is another bizarre news associated to Facebook. A old school teacher, Emma Jones committed suicide because her ex boyfriend put indecent photos of her on the social network. Emma was 24 years old and was a Greenwich University graduate. She was presently teaching 8 year old kids in an International School in Abu Dhabi.

Emma committed suicide by drinking poisonous cleaning fluid when she found that her ex boyfriend had put her photos on the social networking site. She was overtaken by fear and thought she would be charged of prostitution after a person working in the IT department of the school had also seen those pictures. Her fear was partly justified given that she was living in a strict Muslim country and more importantly she had been entrusted with job to teach young kids.

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image thumb42 Facebook Bizarre Again: Footballer Gets Sacked For Going Racist On Facebook

It appears that people just wont stop giving Facebook those crazy status updates and helping to create a mountain out of a molehill. I have always asked everyone that they should always exercise caution when it comes to putting up any update, especially jokes and the likes. Why? Well no one knows the mood you wrote that in and what you actually meant. Same goes today as an athlete underestimated the trouble an update could bring trouble for him.

Jamere Holland, Oregon wide receiver is the latest victim. I bet little did he know that his curse word riddled status update about his fellow team member set quite a flames up. So what makes this worth reporting? Nothing except for the fact that the team mate he was so loud about was never kicked out and it appears his statements have had him out of the team. I seriously wouldn’t have kicked him out of the team for jokingly stating a team secret or anything out to the mass audience but his statements to follow would definitely have made me go ahead with banning him.

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