image thumb26 BidHere: MacBook Air For $97? BidHere Ensures You Pay Exactly That!

The first thing that comes in my mind when I think of buying a product is finding the cheapest deal out there. You might call me a miser but everyone has a right to save some bucks, which is why bidding sites are always in demand. You might already be having loads of destinations promising you the best deals but BidHere appears interesting by all means.

BidHere is a startup focused at giving online shoppers a pay per bid auction site. You can purchase bids as credits and the site offers a wide variety of products for everyone, be it a DSLR Camera, a MacBook Air or a set of software, you name it BidHere has it. The idea is to ensure that each bidder or shopper gets the product for the cheapest price, often getting it for a whopping 90 percent off the retail price. The bids cost you $0.60 per bid and every new user gets 5 bids for free, the site is all about your convenience, letting you place bids directly on the BidHere website or simply sending a text message. Each bid placed raises the price of the product by a mere 2 cents with each bid having a duration of 2 minutes. So if you are the last one who bid for a MacBook Air at the end of 2 minutes, you are the one who gets the product for whatever the last price is [it can be as low as $100!].

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