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If you thought the word had little reasons for you to LOL, you need to think again. All you need to do is trust your iPhone Autocorrect or any other autocorrect on any other phone and send messages that are everything but sane. We thought about putting up a list of top iPhone Autocorrect Fails in this post to share with our readers. The purpose, to start the new week on a lighter note and warn you to not trust Autocorrect.

STD For Halloween

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Funniest iPhone Autocorrect Fails!

Fail Funniest iPhone Autocorrect Fails!Enough of serious stuff and talking about how tos and all. I guess this blog has been missing some funny stuff alike. Tech has its own fails and the worst happens when you use the autocorrect feature on your mobile devices. With great advancements in the current smartphones and the immense speed of getting tasks they provide, they help committing laughable mistakes.

Therefore we have today the top iPhone autocorrect fails that have ever been come across.

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