image thumb90 Startup: Audiggle Lets You Listen, Explore And Identify Music From Your Desktop [Tool]

I listen to songs almost every time I am writing these posts. But it gets a bit irritating at times when I am not able to tell the artist’s name or to put it simply; recognize what music is being played. You have music recognition services for the mobile devices like the iPhone app from Shazam but the desktops lack one such app, don’t they? Welcome Audiggle, a startup that is dedicated to providing you with a software that helps you know what music you are playing with its desktop app.

The best part is that you can use the software and avoid the trouble of searching for artist’s and music information on Google. I seriously have huge issues and most of the times give up on digging out details on music. You don’t have to close yourself up to play a track, perhaps you hear soundtrack of Brave Heart, or watching a YouTube where the background music allures your ears, Audiggle has details on any music from any source.

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