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image thumb20 The Redirecting Issue At Startup Meme Has Been Resolved – Apology To Our Readers For Inconvenience

The last couple of days have been pretty hectic, especially for the fact that Startup Meme had been under attack and almost the links redirected to a malicious site. We discovered that the issue wasn’t just affecting us and many sites, including GoDaddy had been affected by the same. It has affected us badly and more importantly has caused our valuable readers a lot of problems.

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image thumb21 Adobe Acrobat and Reader V 9.1.3 is vulnerable to Attack

Alert, Alert it’s not just Facebook that has a vulnerability, the latest to be affected is Adobe Acrobat and Reader. This is found in the latest release of the software and leaves your system prone to execution of codes via PDF file. The primary target is version 9.1.3 for Windows but that doesn’t count out Mac, UNIX, etc. Adobe however will be releasing an update by Tuesday, 13th October. In the meantime users are advised to keep their anti virus software updated to avoid any issues.

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