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image thumb3 iPhone 5 Almost Ready, In Final Stages Of Testing

The WWDC being an all software saga, there are rumors on the upcoming iPhone 5, stating that the next generation of the iPhone is in the final stages of its testing. If that is true, we should gear up for a near future release.

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image thumb3 Pre Order Your Verizon iPhone 4 Now!

Finally the Verizon iPhone 4 is here for all those who have been waiting for it to be no more AT&T exclusive. The Apple Store is up and running, featuring two iPhone 4s, the AT&T and the iPhone 4 for Verizon.

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image thumb27 The iPad Will Also Be Available On Verizon Stores On October 28

I had absolutely nothing more important to be jubilant about when I heard the rumors of the iPhone 5 coming on Verizon Wireless. But this latest development is equally important and surprising. Apple has just announced that it will have iPad made available on the Verizon Wireless stores as well those of AT&T in the US from October 28.

The press release stated that the iPad will be available across the 2,000 Verizon Wireless Stores across the US and will have three offerings. All of these will include the iPad Wi-Fi model as well as the Verizon MiFi 2200 Mobile Hotspot. The details along with pricing are:

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image thumb12 When Is The iPhone 4 Coming To Verizon? 2011 Probably, An iPhone 5 Plus Verizon Also In Rumors

I guess the worst thing about Apple and its iPhone is that it is tied to the AT&T since its inception I suppose. There have been rumors about a change coming, the Verizon deal had been in talks for quite some time now and it appears things are settling down a bit.

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image thumb67 Proof: Verizon And Apple Set To Test CDMA iPhone 4 And Next Generation Of iPad

At times Apple rumors are nothing better than being disregarded and thrown in the trash but many times they turn out true. Rumors associated to a Verizon iPhone 4 that supports CDMA have been circling for some time and today a block of code reassures that it might just exist. In real.

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image thumb10 FaceTime No More WiFi Only – Comes To 3G Via My3G For iPhones

I guess the best feature on the iPhone 4 that was boasted about at the WWDC was the FaceTime, the ability to have a voice conversation via the WiFi connection. This wasn’t available over your 3G primarily for the fact that AT&T’s data plan couldn’t allow that. Of course without seriously burdening your wallet. Many iPhone users would have cursed the unavailability owing to the fact that WiFi isn’t readily available and the numerous apps that do enable voice chat don’t really give in a great experience.

Welcome My3G, the app that lets you make FaceTime calls across your 3G network. However, you must remember that this app is only for Jailbreak iPhones. Of course there are risks involved with jailbreaking your device, but if the offer includes making voice calls and getting access to the countless many apps which are not available on the App Store, the reason is appealing enough to give it a shot.

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image thumb42 AT&T: We Are Apologize 114,000 iPad 3G Owners For Letting Goatse Security Screw With Your Accounts

AT&T is aware that it made a mess of user privacy, when a a group of Hackers by the name of Goatse Security successfully exposed over 114,000 iPad 3G owners emails. This happened right when the WWDC 2010 was in full sway. The carrier has apologized its customers in a letter sent out to them earlier.

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image thumb32 AT&T And Apple Take A Slap As 114,000 iPad Users’ Data Gets Leaked. Thanks AT&T

Today more than 114,000 iPad users had their information leaked user data. Looks like the year 2010 has some sort of happening for Apple. I am not talking about the good side, for example selling more than 2 million iPads in less than two months or the great iPhone being revealed officially to the world at the WWDC. I am talking about the bad things so far, first there was the ugly leak of the iPhone4G by Gizmodo, then the perfection of the WWDC broken as the WiFi failed right when its CEO, Steve Jobs demonstrated the browsing in the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4 [HD].

The issue can be due to the flaw within the devices as well as the carrier, AT&T. A group of hackers, Goatse Security found a vulnerability as they made a Guinea Pig out of the AT&T website, exposing information about hundreds of thousands of users. The attack revealed user email addresses as well as IDs with which each one of them authenticates their accounts at the network. If the flaw was this big, I bet the number of victims might include all of iPad users.

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image thumb68 AT&T Facebook Drama: Security Flaw Taken Care For

The Web or more importantly the social networks that you are so profoundly the members of aren’t all that secure after all, even Facebook. Not that Facebook would sell your information or misuse the rights with secret super password that some of its employees might have. Earlier yesterday CNET reported that a glitch in AT&T causes users to login into someone else’s accounts using their credentials. Bong! And there went all your data, in the most secure platform, or one that claims to be.

The issue wasn’t with Facebook as already said, but with AT&T when users logged in with their credits to the social network on their mobiles. The problem was with handling request of accounts accessibility from the carrier to Facebook. The carrier has quite swiftly fixed the issue and also taken measures in connection with Facebook to prevent any such future occurrences. The first of these being disabling subscriber identification for automatic logon. Michael Coe, AT&T spokesman also highlighted the case of the wrong login and said that it was quite rare for this to happen.

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