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image thumb30 Yahoo Opens up to More Third Party Apps in attempt to make MyYahoo more useful

In a bid to become more open as in announced that those using MyYahoo  will now be able to access third party apps by adding them to their start page. Those apps include the likes of WordPress, KaChing and those from Mint. Those are just a few of as many as 14 apps that you can make a selection from. This would provide users the chance to make use of the various services they use right from their Yahoo start page and help Yahoo achieve some significance amongst its users as a one stop platform to use services, without the need to access each in a different window. The entire thing is based on the Yahoo! App Platform, however developers need to work out a bit to make those apps work smoothly with Yahoo. Sounds constructive, for once Yahoo has given us something other than its usual news of execs quitting or some senseless deal with Microsoft.

image thumb13 Google makes finding places easier with Places Directory, a new Android App

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image thumb88 Google prepares to begin Android Developer Challenge has plenty of cash to offer for developers (Winners that is)

It’s not just an Android that Google is giving away to attendants at the Google I/O but it has got more for its developers. By developers I am emphasizing on developers in the Android community. To encourage more developers create more for the platform, Google has announced its Android Developer Challenge. The submissions will begin from August and this challenge is open to anyone with an Android handset and each of those owners can also vote via a dedicated app from the Android Market. The purpose of these votes is to determine top 20 apps in ten categories. The categories include:

logo thumb Loomagoo, a social network for college students releases Facebook App

Loomago, a Craiglist like social network for college students that lets them share/exchange textbooks, notes as decided to expand further. The startup has released its Facebook app in integration with their new feature, My Community. With this, its users will be able to login with their Facebook accounts and promote their listings via the news feeds, view recent posts as well as incite their friends. This will prove to be pretty useful for students as they can more readily collaborate to share and assist each other in academics. I am more than hopeful that this will get a green from Facebook’s Verified Apps program.

image thumb67 Vopium to make International calls and SMS cheaper. Signup and get Free 30 SMS and 30 Minutes of International calls

One thing that I dislike about making International calls or sending text messages to friends abroad is the cost attached to each. While there are quite a lot of ways/services that reduce that cost, Vopium a Copenhagen based startup comes determined to reduce the weight each call/SMS adds to your budget. The VoIP startup utilizes mobile VoIP and WiFi technology to reduce costs and it you are in a WiFi hotspot, you can make absolutely free calls to others using Vopium (of course they too should be in a WiFi zone). If you aren’t sure to be using the service you can give it a try as Vopium is offering its new users 30 Free minutes of International calls and 30 Free SMS. The startup provides its services in 18 countries at present along with support for over 600 devices from those based on Java, to RIM and iPhone along with data backup facility. Meaning that if you lose your phone you can always get those contacts back.

image thumb55 Facebook is bringing its Verified Apps out tomorrow

At last, the much hyped verified apps program from Facebook is rolling out tomorrow for all developers. With this, developers will get notifications about their apps approval via green check next to their names. This is particularly useful as Facebook will now be able filter the very best apps based on its platform as well as for its countless users who can now view which of the apps they would like to use is worth their time. Plus deserving developers will have their apps get benefits like prominence in its App Directory and free ad coupons.