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Epic Skater UpUpStart Announces Epic Skater for Android and iPhone

When you have titles like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and the Guitar Hero to boast about, there is very little doubt that the next game you bring is going to be a good one. That’s what the expectations as the developers of the named titles are set to bring Epic Skater to your iPhone and Android Devices. The development team behind the game are on KickStartup, the crowd-source funding market place to raise $50,000. They already have 95 backers and bagged $4,350, if you love what they have already given to the community, make sure you visit their KickStartup Page and pledge a sum. It’s not much, you can make a contribution with a minimum $1.

You can watch the Video of Epic Skater below:

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image thumb11 Facebook Messenger For Android Arrives To Kill SMS.. Well Maybe In Time

Goodbye SMS, BlackBerry Messenger and everything else as Facebook launches its Facebook Messenger [download]. That is exactly what the hype is all around though I doubt this messenger ousting any of the existing instant messaging apps on a mobile device. Had it been that way, many other apps would have already got  a better chance to oust these mobile applications.

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image thumb18 Cydia Search Lets You Search Cydia App Store On Your ComputerFor all those with a jailbroken iPhone, Cydia is an absolute necessity for being the App Store for the jailbroken apps. I have in particular disliked how one can get lost searching through its categories for something you aren’t fully aware of where to find. That to on your iOS device like the iPhone, iPad or the iPod Touch. Think of the same being done on your desktop or your Macs, easy isn’t it? Well Cydia Search from Plant-iPhones is all about doing the same.

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image thumb11 Windows 8 App Store Images Leaked

App Store fever is coming to Microsoft as well as images of the Windows 8 App Store were leaked on the Internet. The app store is highly likely to feature in Windows 8 and from the images, it seems we will have quite a desktop like feel to it. That’s just my opinion though.

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image thumb92 iPhone Apps See A Surge In Downloads During Christmas

Christmas was big especially when I look at the stats on readership for the posts made on iPhone and Apple in the last one week. I was looking forward for a graph to put a visual representation of the spike in app downloads specifically. And that is what I came across shortly back.

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image thumb85 Webunal: Your Internet Courthouse

The idea of suing someone sounds fascinating. Of course not being sued is something I wouldn’t personally like being tried upon. There had to be a way to get this going online especially with all those friends on the social networks you are a part of and who are often found doing many things they deserve being taken to court for. Poking on Facebook is one of those irritating habits.

image thumb86 Webunal: Your Internet Courthouse

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image thumb8 Angry Birds Seasons Rolls Out To Blast Off Your Holidays

I love Angry Birds and I would gladly state many others love it for sure it can be on iPhone or the Android Platform. Though I must add some salt to the Windows Phone 7 users who might not be getting this game from Rovio till 2011.

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image thumb4 Google Reader App Finally Comes To Android Phones!

I have dearly missed the Google Reader app for my Android device and Google appears to have finally paid heed to this need. The Android devices today embraced the official  Google Reader for Android based smartphones bringing your subscriptions right to the mobile device.

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image thumb77 Android Market now Offering 100,000 Apps, Still Quite A Distance To Compete The App Store

The Android Market has just crossed the 100,000 App mark. That’s just what came in as a message on Twitter from the AndroidDev as he shared the Google Mobile OS surpassing a major milestone. I bet the Apple fans are going to jump in with comments slurring that this is no thing compared to what the App Store has to offer and an equally large number of apps for the jailbroken devices. But that’s not the argument for this post.

Google only recently expanded the territories of the Android Market by extending it to over 20 countries. 20 countries plus and an open sourced mobile OS is all you need to attract the brainy developers out there to add more apps, be they utilities or games to the market. The Android only recently took over market shares from the Apple iPhone in the US and it continues to expand exponentially. And while the apps for the iOS based devices might be thrice as many as those n the Android Market [around 280,000 Apps], I can see that the number will be crossed easily in the next year.

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image thumb67 Who is Using Your iPhone? Find Out With iGotYa App For iPhone. Jailbreak Devices Only

Ever wondered who used your iPhone while you left it at your desk at home or office? If this is and you are looking forward to an easy way to find who used your iPhone, there’s iGotYa app at Cydia that lets you do the same.

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