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image thumb11 Facebook Messenger For Android Arrives To Kill SMS.. Well Maybe In Time

Goodbye SMS, BlackBerry Messenger and everything else as Facebook launches its Facebook Messenger [download]. That is exactly what the hype is all around though I doubt this messenger ousting any of the existing instant messaging apps on a mobile device. Had it been that way, many other apps would have already got  a better chance to oust these mobile applications.

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P6290072 thumb Face2Face: Worlds Should Meet, Not Collide – Welcome Proximity Based Social Networking

As promised, here is a bit more composed post on the launch of Face2Face. Pardon my excitement, many might not actually consider it an awesome, groundbreaking product but to me it means a lot. Especially coming from the region where doing something innovative is quite a daunting task. Lets put aside the negatives here and focus on the application alone for now. The app has been created by Proximate Global, headed by Hameed Khan from Pakistan and its Chief Technology Officer being Umair Aziz.

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image thumb81 Face2Face: Bringing Proximity Based Social Networking To The Web [From Pakistan]

Finally! something really worth mentioning in Pakistan for the Web 2.0. I have been complaining a lot about how the events need to be planned and what exactly they should be focused more on. Late, very late but a very important move to bring out a startup from Pakistan by our countrymen.

Welcome Face2Face, the application bringing proximity base social networking. I have had a conversation about this with Umer Umair Aziz late last year and I was impressed by the idea, today the global launch with an event worth mentioning. What’s best about it? It a cross platform social network, removing the need for you to register yourself on a new social site and runs on almost all existing smartphones. From the iPhone, Android to Nokia’s standard Symbian and the J2ME, which pretty much means all devices out there.

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image thumb72 Creating Application Forms Is All About Drag And Drop With PandaForm

What’s your reaction when your boss comes around and throws in a bulk of data or asks you to create forms? I am lucky to have a more intelligent one, but had it been different, it would have pissed me off. If you share the same opinion and are looking for an easy way to create these then try PandaForm.

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image thumb33 Macsupport: Have a Mac Problem? Dial 707 – YOUR   MAC For Solutions

I guess the biggest issue with people abstaining from using the Macs is because there isn’t really effective support available in the locality. It might not be in your locality, but it might be at others, lets say your parents to begin with. So in comes Macsupport, a startup that provides remote technical support for everything that is Macintosh.

What you need to be a Mac expert? Years of loyalty, honestly that’s the only thing that would keep you to continue using these devices and the founders of Macsupport do the same. The idea is to provide users with an easily accessible support center that answers more or less everything about Macs. There is a wide variety of problems that these geniuses claim to have solutions for, some of them include:

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image thumb27 Valentine’s Day: Love It/Hate It Groups On Facebook image thumb28 Valentine’s Day: Love It/Hate It Groups On Facebook

Valentines Day. It ended much earlier and to be honest I have nothing worth sharing at all at the moment regarding the day except for a few stories here and there. The restaurants were flooded with the air of love. Back on my desk I just did a search on Facebook for the Valentines Day and the leader was the Valentine’s Day Application followed by Love Sucks at number three.

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