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image thumb36 The new iPhone will be called iPhone 3GS, possibly the last iPhone report/rumor before the WWDC

There is a lot anticipated from Apple‘s prime event, the WWDC and there has been quite some rumors, especially those with the new iPhone. We have been hearing quite a lot of news as to what it might have to offer and yesterday we came to know about its possible name. It appears that the device might be called the iPhone 3GS, the letter S does extend the name but it just doesn’t sound Apple enough. That might just be a code name or something but the new iPhone is definitely going to have the much needed features, which include video recording and an extended battery life. Plus there is a possibility of Apple bringing down the price for the iPhone. Now this price cut may come on the previous model and might be available in the range of $99 to $149 and might come with Verizon deal, not forget having faster processing speed and a larger storage. We will be keeping an eye on the WWDC that is just a few hours away.

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image thumb5 Apples share climb to $140. Despite Steve Jobs absence

Steve Jobs might be is the heart and soul of Apple and many might have thought about seeing Apple bite dust while he took an extended leave. But things turned out pretty positive, despite the man’s absence as Apple stocks bounced up by 62% since his departure. Apple’s share currently trade at a very healthy $140 ($139.35 exactly) climbing up from below $90 a share when recession hit the globe. While things aren’t being as smooth as they usually, I personally think the team has done pretty well showing that Apple and  Steve Jobs are analogous to each other, both rely more heavily on the team that forms their very existence. Let’s see how things fare at the coming WWDC, as Steve Jobs’ is set to make his comeback.

image thumb1 These might be the pictures of the iPhone 3.0.. who is buying this rumor?

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