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image thumb141 And we Pictures of the supposed Apple Tablet.. has anyone named it as yet?

Call it an iTablet or any other name you need to give it, there is abundant news of Apple coming out with its own tablet. The latest reports are with pictures of the upcoming device and to be honest it doesn’t appear pretty. That might be due to the quality of pictures but the keyboard popping out doesn’t really leave a good impression on me. I guess its more of photo editing done in one way or the other. Anyone with better photos?

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image thumb120 Apple has Snow Leopard ready for August 28.. for $29 and its worth every cent

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image thumb107 Hiring open at Microsoft Stores... why is everything about Microsoft so Corporate ish?

Hiring is now open at Microsoft Stores: Mission Viejo, CA and one in Scottsdale AZ. Microsoft is looking for tech savvy folks who can help customers identify the best Microsoft product that meets their needs and are able to resolve their issues. That’s about it, but Siegler did bring about an interesting comparison between Apple and Microsoft Stores and the designation they give to the various categories of employees. For example a Retail Technical Advisor at Microsoft Store is called a Genius at the Apple Store, pretty obvious, Apple will always try and keep things meaningful but definitely not tight assed cool, something which more or less defines what Apple is. I can bet that people would definitely find a drastic difference at how they are being attended to at the two stores, do they or do they not?

image thumb69 Will we really see an iPod Touch with Camera?

Confirmed that Zune HD is coming our officially on September 15 and right there we have rumors/reports that there is a new iPod in the making. Now I am not sure how true it is but from the images scattered all across the web, the rumors sound unrealistically real. Apple is might have already created an iPod Touch that boasts a camera or have plans to do so, not sure but I am taking this rumor to be pretty close to truth. Anyone who can confirm this?

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image thumb68 Sony thinks it is better to cut down prices for PSPgo games, evidence that Apple has a great influence

To be honest, Apple has stirred the markets with its iPod and iPhone, not just those of the smartphone but also that of handheld devices. Those devices are portable, provide developers a very fruitful market without doing much investment and its games don’t cost much. Of course they don’t provide you with the super awesome 3D effect that game manufacturers like Sony, Nintendo would do, but does one really need that to kill time? This is exactly the same reason why many a game lovers complain about Sony that its gaming consoles and games too cost a lot. The result? Sony is definitely taking this seriously and has been influenced to make a cut in prices for PSPgo games with reports stating a fall in price in the range of $1 to $15. Plus it might also offer developers the same share that is given to those who create games/apps for the Apple devices.

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image thumb56 Grand Master is no Chess guru, but Apple’s Snow Leopard, all set to come earlier than expected

To be honest Apple should be done with its testing of its OS, Snow Leopard. Why so? Well Apple has already named its latest build the Golden Master, which I presume means it has passed all tests and should be given a go. But when is Apple releasing it? Amazon had already begun taking pre-orders but also mentioned that the OS won’t be available before September which is what Apple had told them. But with that label of the Golden Master, I agree with the reports that Apple might just release it before September, even if it’s in on 31’st August. The price for the OS is pretty low at just $29.9, the reason being that Apple considers it to be a performance upgrade and not a totally new thing. Even if it’s just that, those performance upgrades are going to be a lot to improve Snow Leopard. If you are wondering how you can go along with installation details, etc you can head on to AppleInsider (yes I am saving myself the burden of a walk through).

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image thumb4 I guess Apple had no new ideas for Eric Schmidt to stick around

I am not sure how the gurus in the tech world are going to take this, but I was surprised hearing that Eric Schmidt CEO of Google is no more amongst Apple’s Board of Directors. Of course we can add all sorts of speculations behind this resignation but the obvious reason is Google forcing itself in direct competition with Apple’s business. How? Well the search giant has stepped on its Mobile ventures with Android and furthering the damage with plans of Chrome OS. Now isn’t that lessening Eric’s significance in the board? Or is Steve Jobs thinking that Eric is hijacking Apple’s ideas to Google? He joined in Apple’s board in August 2006, back then of course Google was all about Web. But the sudden burst in innovation and expansion in platform has alarmed every one around. I guess Eric has a lot more to handle as Google CEO and he can use the time he saves from here to bring in better things for Google. Does he want to gulp down more of what Apple has for the future?

image thumb125 Apple – Toshiba connection. Toshiba pushing the accelerator on Flash Memory chips production

While there are reports of a possible Apple tablet and new iPods coming to the scene by September, sources site that Toshiba has given a boost to its production of  flash memory chips. How are the two related? Well it appears that Toshiba will be providing Apple with the bulk of these chips for the upcoming iPods or whatever it has in store. I mean it sounds pretty useless otherwise. Anyone with a tip on this?

image thumb123 Apple might launch its tablet by September, says Financial Times

Financial Times has rumors of Apple set to bring its tablet and iPods, most probably by September this year. The device will boast a 10 inch screen and its operating system will be that of the iPhone. With WiFi to connect to the Internet, the tablet will also have a market place for books as well. Now Apple coming out with something that sounds like a bookstore is definitely going to pin Amazon. This is just a rumor and just as the case with all rumors; don’t believe them unless what they say is proven true.