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image thumb7 The Careless Case of the Facebook iPhone App

Another day another one of those flaws jumping out in relation to Facebook. The current one comes to Facebook’s iPhone app in less than a week of its release. The app itself is pretty impressive with the feel of the Facebook on the Web but the developer overlooked the privacy settings and the result is anyone can place comments or makes wall posts even on pages where the administrator hasn’t permitted anyone to do so. Quite a bad start for the new app and solidifies the belief that Facebook has a lot to do when it comes to coming free of bugs.

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image thumb28 $80 is what is spent on Apps by iPhone users

Now the Apps at the App Store are doing great and iPhone users are really spending cash to get all those useful apps there. A recent survey conducted on 1,200 users that use AppsFire service and its results were interesting. Perhaps putting the significance of the financial value of the App Store as each user spent about $80 per device. Now if this is an average spending from an iPhone, iPod users, one can only guess what’s the App Store making in total cash value, more than $400,000,000 in cash for Apple. Wow, no doubt the developers are using every bit of their talent put innovation out there. And if it’s quality you are giving, I bet people wont mind spending $1.56 on average.

image thumb27 Spotify is finally there for Android and iPhone.. Only for Subscribers

After all the wait Spotify has at last come to the iPhone and Android devices, though presently it’s for subscribers alone. The bad news is that it is yet to launch in the US, where I guess it will do a lot, given that it has already rocketed in European Markets. The app would enable users to play the entire Spotify list offline and I bet those in the US are more than just eager to have the app coming to the region, given the fact that a lot of investment has gone from labels in the country. The app can be downloaded: App Store and Android Market.

image thumb98 Spotify got its Android App: Droidify.. sadly it didn’t last long

Music Streaming service Spotify is making in roads to the Android platform with Droidify. The app is an unofficial one as it has been developed by its die hard fans and lets you search, create playlists and listen to the countless songs it has for the users. The app would have definitely done good but under agreement, Spotify has asked the app to be taken down. Well, you can’t really do anything given the agencies who are always ready to fire a lawsuit on anything that is close to illegal music distribution. To the contrary, I still think the app needs to be there for the Android based devices and it can really fare well.

image thumb87 The App Store gets its share of Discovery geekiness, Discovery App

There you have it, Discovery has invaded the App Store with the release of its app for both the iPhone and iPod Touch. What does it have apart from Myth Busting folks? Quizzes, galleries and stories from Discovery News rolling on to your device and would enable users to save their favorites or share content they love via email. The app though free doesn’t show full shows of its popular programs but it does have links to help you buy those on iTunes. Not bad and the app has everything to make it a popular one (at least amongst the geeky population out there).

image thumb75 iPhone has version 3.0 of Facebook app submitted, lets see when it is available at the App Store

The latest version of Facebook‘s iPhone App has finally been submitted to the App Store. The version 3.0 is going to wait (a bit more) for some time before it gets an approval from Apple to roll out. How long is it going to take? A week I guess for it definitely has nothing offensive in any manner that Apple would disapprove its presence at the App Store, but whenever it is made available, the entire experience is going to be better with features that resemble the experience one has on the site. Of course it’s going to be on a smaller screen, but that is where the world is moving on to; mobility. Oh that reminds me if Facebook Lite is an attempt to make a version of Facebook that runs smoothly on mobile devices such as the iPhone.

image thumb55 BberryApp brings Forward Reply and Edit app for the BlackBerry devices

BberryApp, a group of IT professionals have brought forth a new app for the BlackBerry phones which lets you forward, reply and edit emails. The app is given the same name; Forward, Reply and Edit.  Users can fix common errors like spelling mistakes, add/delete content and add comments to any emails you receive on your device. The app has already been downloaded close to 7,000 times in less than ten days, which is pretty good to start with.

image thumb33 Facebook is teasing iPhone users, the app is just not perfect enough

The Facebook app for the iPhone is almost ready and all that is stopping it from coming to the device is translation of it into a bundle of languages. Meaning that the app will be as powerful or nearly as powerful as what it is on the Web. And with the iPhone 3GS having the video support, the Facebook experience will prove to be better. However this should be kept in mind the app might not necessarily be available anytime soon, though we hope it happens at the earliest, but making it perfect for the iPhone generation and then getting a go at the App Store might just take a bit longer. Whenever it’s coming out, we will be waiting for it.

Radial 50 – Available in the App Store now! from Radial 50 on Vimeo.

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