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image thumb Kicksend Brings Its Photo Sharing App To The iPhoneAccording to a research conducted by the NDP Group, 27 percent of all photos taken in 2011 were taken via smartphones, which showed a 10 percent increase from 2010. During same period, photos taken from a traditional camera dropped from 53 percent in 2010 to 44 percent in 2011. Those are just numbers at the end of the day, but for anyone who has an eye to spot where the user preferences are shifting will plan and execute smart. The idea therefore is to bring an intuitive and useful file sharing experience to mobile users. Kicksend’s Co-founder and CPO, Brendon Lim stated in a release:

The user experience is at the core of everything we do and we are proud to provide an easy, reliable way for iPhone users to send a large number of full quality photos and videos from their iPhone to anyone

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Official Facebook iPad App

mc Requests v2 Official Facebook iPad App

What had been in talks for almost a month now has finally turned to reality as the Facebook app for the iPad was released. This comes as the social network opened its arms to the mobile world by bringing the Facebook Platform to Mobile, bringing its third party app developers more tools to play with.

There are over 350 million users accessing Facebook each month via mobile devices that is a mammoth number for Facebook to completely leverage. Facebook Engineer Luke Shephard, stated that the development is still far from over and that they have only launched the Official iPad App. We will be seeing a lot of updates, especially with a closer integration of the virtual currency called the Facebook Credits. It will be interesting to see how this shapes up and how much usability does the entire tap to go experience brings to the iPad/iOS users.

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12 Facebook App For iPhone Comes With A Major Update

There has been an update to the Facebook app for the iPhone, officially. The Facebook 3.5 brings with it a new design for the Profile Page and the Group Walls and the changes are in sync with those that have been made on the main site for the social network. While that’s just for the design bit, there are some additional and more useful features that come with it.

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image thumb35 Groupboard: Chat And Draw In Real Time With A Free Multi User Whiteboard On iPhone, Android And iPad

Groupboard is a multi-user whiteboard that lets you draw and chat in real-time with other users over the internet. The startup has been around for quite a while starting back in 1998 as the first online whiteboard. But there has been a constant change and evolution, primarily for the fact that the way we use the Internet has evolved and changed drastically.

he word Internet is more about mobility and it is for this very reason that Groupboard has recently released Android and iOS app versions of Groupboard, allowing users on a web browser to draw together in real-time with users on mobile devices. That means you have the option to utilize the same on the numerous HTC devices, Samsung, etc as well as taking advantage of the Groupboard on your iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad as well. Read More »

image thumb99 End Of Facetime For iPhone? Skype Video Calling Now Available For iPhone, iPod Touch And iPad

As rumored earlier Skype has officially released the video calling functionality for all iOS Devices. This includes your iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. The version 3.0 of the app will support video calling capabilities with users of the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and the 4th Generation iPod Touch.

The latest version has support for the iPod Touch 3G and the iPad too. But since both devices lack a front facing camera, therefore you can receive video calls but can’t send a video back. The Skype app for the iOS device also supports video calls over 3G and can also receive calls from the traditional desktop Skype App. So you can communicate at ease with anyone back at home while you travel. The app also supports portrait and landscape mode.

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Google continues to make official entry into the Apple inventory as it today announced support for iPod Touch and the iPad for its Google Voice App. The approval for the iPhone took well over a year before iPhone users were blessed by the app. And quite luckily Google was quick to add support for the iPod Touch and the iPad.

image thumb55 Google Voice  App Now Supports iPod Touch And iPad

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Google is making inroads into the Apple App Store with more apps making a more official entry. Today the iPhone users were blessed with the coming of the Google Latitude app now officially available for download at iTunes.

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Home Screen orientation with the iPhone models is quite a disappointment for me, especially compared to the iPad. But, those of you jailbroken iPhones can readily resolve this with a new tweak from Cydia called the SBRotator. The app can be found at the Big Boss repository for $1.99.

image thumb26 SBRotator For iPhone Lets You Rotate Your Home Screen [Jailbreak Needed]

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image thumb15 Angry Birds Wrath Not Coming To Windows Phone 7

If you ask me what is the most addictive thing about my Android phone it is Angry Birds and I bet the same goes for the iPhone users. However it appears that the Windows Phone 7 users will not be seeing this game, for quite some time.

There had been rumors of the Windows Phone 7 users getting the app on their devices but our fellow bloggers at the Next Web just confirmed this from Rovio Mobile. I guess the Windows Phone 7 platform would require the team to do a lot of work for to give WP 7 users the same level of experience as they enjoy on the iPhone and the Android.

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image thumb14 8 Step Guide On How To Install Google Voice On iPod Touch [Jailbreak Only]

Users have numerous issues with using the iOS based devices. An app of two might work on the iPhone but not on the iPad or the iPod Touch and a similar issue was voiced when the official Google Voice App was released for the iPhone. The app didn’t function on the iPod Touch.

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