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image thumb18 Cydia Search Lets You Search Cydia App Store On Your ComputerFor all those with a jailbroken iPhone, Cydia is an absolute necessity for being the App Store for the jailbroken apps. I have in particular disliked how one can get lost searching through its categories for something you aren’t fully aware of where to find. That to on your iOS device like the iPhone, iPad or the iPod Touch. Think of the same being done on your desktop or your Macs, easy isn’t it? Well Cydia Search from Plant-iPhones is all about doing the same.

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image thumb11 Windows 8 App Store Images Leaked

App Store fever is coming to Microsoft as well as images of the Windows 8 App Store were leaked on the Internet. The app store is highly likely to feature in Windows 8 and from the images, it seems we will have quite a desktop like feel to it. That’s just my opinion though.

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Ever thought why we never mentioned about the Wikileaks app for the iPhone and the iPad? Well we knew that Apple is too pro-American government and will have it removed from the App Store. Guess what, that’s exactly what has happened.

image thumb75 The Unofficial WikiLeaks App For iPhone, iPad Officially Removed From App Store

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Lets not make it sound clichéd by stating the obvious that a big brand has a giveaway planned this Christmas, Apple is one of them. Well at least the UK customers can feel lucky as Apple is going for a number 12 giveaway.

image thumb53 Apple Christmas Giveaway of 12 Free Downloads For 12 Days!

You heard me right. Customers in the United Kingdom will be able to avail 12 free downloads for a total of 12 days starting December 26, 2010 till January 6, 2011. This is for all of you with iTunes and all set to download free movies, music videos, books, apps and TV episodes to their favorite Apple device. These downloads will however be available for 24 hours only during each of the 12 giveaway days.

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image thumb77 Android Market now Offering 100,000 Apps, Still Quite A Distance To Compete The App Store

The Android Market has just crossed the 100,000 App mark. That’s just what came in as a message on Twitter from the AndroidDev as he shared the Google Mobile OS surpassing a major milestone. I bet the Apple fans are going to jump in with comments slurring that this is no thing compared to what the App Store has to offer and an equally large number of apps for the jailbroken devices. But that’s not the argument for this post.

Google only recently expanded the territories of the Android Market by extending it to over 20 countries. 20 countries plus and an open sourced mobile OS is all you need to attract the brainy developers out there to add more apps, be they utilities or games to the market. The Android only recently took over market shares from the Apple iPhone in the US and it continues to expand exponentially. And while the apps for the iOS based devices might be thrice as many as those n the Android Market [around 280,000 Apps], I can see that the number will be crossed easily in the next year.

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image thumb4 No Need To Jailbreak Your iPhone For Torrent Apps As BitTorrent App Gets Approval From Apple

Apple seems to be embracing more openness on the apps at the App Store and it almost instantly got the much troubled Google Voice app clearance in the market. But when you talk about Google it doesn’t have too many legal issues as compared to the torrent sites. Apple surprisingly has approved one such BitTorrent based application on the App Store.

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image thumb15 Facebook Ultimate App Disappears From The App Stores – Leaves Developer Lost

I am not sure what trademark infringement applies to on the Facebook Ultimate app for the iPad. The developer, who is a woman and a mother of two has had her application taken off just because the name must be Facebook’s property. The other issue is with the users confusing the app to be that from Facebook, which by large might triggered the expulsion of the same from the store for iPad as well as from the App Store for iPhone.

I simply don’t get the idea for this, I mean the woman, Dil, was never informed about the removal of the app and somehow she managed to come across AllFacebook, where she learned about the tyranny. That is unprofessional in my opinion, I mean the lady as per her letter speaks clearly that she did her best to have everything designed by herself, just to avoid anything similar popping up. Which at least makes me believe that she knows what she was becoming a part of, primarily because she went through all terms and conditions before putting up the apps. Other than that, she is quite a concerned developer as well, given she made efforts to teach users how to make use of the app.

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image thumb26 TweetDeck gets a Knock Off from the App Store: Come Again without Bugs!

If a new app is not made available at the App Store, I can gulp it down and say it just didn’t get green. But a seasoned and a very popular one that has been around for quite some time vanishes, it looks odd. The TweetDeck app has seen the same, and has vanished from the scene after being around for quite some as the Twitter client on the iPhone. The reason? Appears it wasn’t bug free and caused a whole of crash and burn to have Apple pull it out. Though the bug free version has been submitted, but as it is with Apple, it wont rush with things and take all time to ensure it is bug free. I hope the update is out soon enough for the TweetDeck fans.

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image thumb12 Apple confirms 100,000 Apps on the App Store

It was only a week back when we informed that the apps at the App Store had crossed the 100,000 mark. Today however, Apple confirmed the numbers as the official report confirmed reached the milestone. And that is more than impressive in just a little under a year and a half. The chart above shows category wise distribution apps at the app store and the games lead the shares with a 16% share followed by books and entertainment at 13%.

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image thumb33 Apple fixes the exploit, No More Jailbroken iPhones

There has been a lot of opening up the iPhone for all sorts of applications with jailbreaks but it appears things are set to change as the new iPhone 3Gs fixed the exploit. Now sure how long this fix is going to stay and when another is discovered but this is definitely going to leave much desired for those who want some renegade stuff with the iPhone. I am not sure why exactly has Apple taken the initiative given there has been no such issue of attacks or something of the sort and one needs to get the phone to actually jailbreak the device. I guess all they want is to have an absolute hegemony on the device itself with control over the only apps that run on the device are from the App Store itself. So is there anyone out there already working on finding a new exploit?