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image thumb91 Google Introduces The Analytics Management API

When it comes to Google Analytics, a major request by many developers has been the swiftness way to access these. It takes quite some time to get through with your account configuration and data extraction and keeping that in mind, Google today announced the Google Management API.

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image thumb89 Open Sesame! And LinkedIn opens up its API

When it comes to expanding your service far and wide, the idea to open up the API is the best way to do it. LinkedIn is doing exactly that, beginning with the much needed Twitter integration all the way to presently opening up its API. The social network for professionals has released around 11 APIs categorized into the following:

image thumb84 Adify expands its Ad Networks, Open up its API

Adify a self service ad network that assists companies build their own ad networks is enabling its customers to extend their reach to more publishers with the release of its API. The company’s Amplified Partner program and its Network Builder both help its members to amalgamate ad technology companies and help customers to build and better monetize their ad networks. The coming of its API would enable ad networks to better target audiences and ad networks by letting them provide media rich ad options.