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Angry Birds Craft Angry Birds Theme Song Video Goes Viral

There is nothing more viral than an interesting video on YouTube. I mean its easier to decipher, much easier to get the message across and much more sensible to share. I came across Mashable recently and stumbled over a recent addition to the many self made videos from YouTube celebrities. Read More »

image thumb15 Angry Birds Wrath Not Coming To Windows Phone 7

If you ask me what is the most addictive thing about my Android phone it is Angry Birds and I bet the same goes for the iPhone users. However it appears that the Windows Phone 7 users will not be seeing this game, for quite some time.

There had been rumors of the Windows Phone 7 users getting the app on their devices but our fellow bloggers at the Next Web just confirmed this from Rovio Mobile. I guess the Windows Phone 7 platform would require the team to do a lot of work for to give WP 7 users the same level of experience as they enjoy on the iPhone and the Android.

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image thumb66 How To Unlock Angry Birds Locked Worlds On Android [Video]

I am a big fan of the Angry Birds on my Android based HTC Desire and there is not a day when I don’t kill time playing it. But seeing those unlocked worlds makes me angry, firstly because it is a huge pain to unlock these by playing. And secondly who has all the time when there is a day job, a blog to maintain and Formula 1 news to follow and write on? I don’t and a bit of work around had me with this step step by guide on how to unlocked Locked Worlds on Angry Birds on Android.

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