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image thumb5 Apple Newsstand Will Have Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Support On iOS 5

In a press release by Adobe, Apple’s upcoming iOS, the iOS 5 will have support on Adobe’s new Digital Publishing Suite. This support comes to the Apple Newsstand feature that comes with the iOS 5. Meaning that the next generation of the iPhone 5 will have support for Adobe’s product.

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image thumb40 7 Step Guide To Run Flash On Your iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS And iPod Touch

Who doesn’t ant to be running Flash content on their iPhone devices? We are all well aware that both Apple and Adobe have a score to settle with each other, it was better that we figured out a way to do it on our own. Just like we do all the Jailbreaking, etc.

There have been numerous tools coming our way, the JailbreakMe, that lets you jailbreak the iPhone via Web, today the same guy brings us Flash on the iPhone. Comex has given us Frash, the Flash port to get this done and the steps that follow are a simple guide on how to run Flash on your iPhone 4. The best part is, those of you who own the iPhone 3GS, the iPod Touch or the iPod can also make use of it. Of course you need to make sure that your device is Jailbroken before you try this one out.

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image thumb27 Apple Hates Adobe And The Hate Is There To Stay – But I Am With Adobe!

Whenever you are angered or enraged at anything and the War can’t be fought face to face, the best place then is Facebook. Forget support for a good cause and be mean; rally your supporters against the tyranny of one or many, bring it on Facebook Adobe has done that, unofficially.

Given the latest development in the Adobe/Apple saga and Steve Jobs’ harsh words and an iron will to never let Adobe come close to any product of Apple: iPad, iPhone and… the iPad. You heard or should I say read it right – Never. The war from Adobe has come to Facebook and its fans are already cursing Apple for the dictatorial and the anti-competitive methodology it has adopted. Why so? Wouldn’t that actually help Apple get the big grab on in the market if it makes use of the platform? More developers mean more options for its consumers and an even bigger market the only and sadly the major risk involved is that Apple would have had to compromise on its hegemony over its hardware. Obviously that is quite huge sacrifice to make.

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image thumb62 Salesforce.com partners with Adobe, brings Adobe Flash Builder to Force.com

Salesforce is making quite some moves presently, ever expanding with its integration with the Box.net, Twitter, etc. Presently the SaaS provider has partnered with Adobe. The integration will have Force.com, its platform for creating apps to offer Adobe Flash Builder. This would enable developers as well as IT professionals to create applications using Force.com’s platform which will be much improved with the Adobe Flash Builder. This would add a lot of value to their businesses with the ease of creating custom applications that suit their needs.

image thumb21 Adobe Acrobat and Reader V 9.1.3 is vulnerable to Attack

Alert, Alert it’s not just Facebook that has a vulnerability, the latest to be affected is Adobe Acrobat and Reader. This is found in the latest release of the software and leaves your system prone to execution of codes via PDF file. The primary target is version 9.1.3 for Windows but that doesn’t count out Mac, UNIX, etc. Adobe however will be releasing an update by Tuesday, 13th October. In the meantime users are advised to keep their anti virus software updated to avoid any issues.

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image thumb90 Tata Adobe! Mike Downey heads over to Microsoft, focus will be Silverlight

After serving Adobe for almost a decade, Mike Downey thinks its time to side with competition. He has joined Microsoft and his job focuses on Silverlight, the Adobe Flash competitor. The reason for his departure is that he wants to be a part of the evolution process of the Web and not a part of a system that appears to be now complete to a certain extent if not all. Interesting and quite justified, we have seen many execs, veterans do the same as they always feel the urge to be a part of a growing entity rather than sit firm in a place that has reached the maximum or at least close to it.

image thumb148 Adobe shuts down service in North America... to cut costs

What’s the better way for a firm to cut its cost? Lay off employees, wreck their lives or follow Adobe. The makers of Flash player that is used throw out the web to play video clips has decided to cease operations in North America to cut back on costs for a week. I am quite surprised why Adobe had to make such a move as it already powers quite a lot of desktop apps apart from Flash and by al means is profitable. This shut down is one of the three planned for the current year with the first already taking place in April.