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image thumb54 Chrome To Phone From Google Lets You Push Websites From Desktop To Your Android Phones

Ever felt that there should be an easy for you to shift the websites you most often visit on your desktop to be readily available on your phone? Well Google today released Chrome to Phone for all phones running the Android [version 2.2 only].

This tool enables you to easily push websites you are visiting on your Chrome browser directly to your mobile device. This had been created by Dave Burke and it is quite simple to use. You can enable this by clicking a mobile icon on your browser and porting the sites to your phone. This can be done for any web page you visit. While all this sounds quite simple to come from Google, pushing forward websites isn’t the only thing it does. Chrome to Phone also does the same with directions and phone numbers.

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image thumb50 How To Protect Yourself From Malicious Links: Use Firefox Add on Search Engine Security

I for one need to do spend a lot of time on Google searching for various research reports, images, etc. And like most users, it isn’t surprising I too come across numerous malicious links. These include fake videos, images, spam sites and what not. The problem is antivirus and detection services don’t provide an ultimate solution, however we are looking forward to better secure ourselves. Zscaler, a leader in cloud security answered our question on how to protect ourselves against SEO spam with a Firefox add-on and is called Search Engine Security.

The plugin would protect users from most of the malware out there including fake AV and fake video pages. You can download Search Engine Security here.

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image thumb33 Canvas Boom: A Firefox add on to Add any Image to your Browser Theme

While add-ons or plug-ins can give your browser additional functionality but at times one would feel the urge to make it more lively by adding backgrounds, etc.  Canvas, a Firefox add-on that lets you add any image to your browser theme lets you do exactly that. Whether it’s an image in your hard drive or one from a web page just point, select and add it to your Canvas. Here’s how you can do that once you have downloaded the add-on:

From Computer:

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